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Sounds crazy, but this hundred billion dollar project can save the earth

A project that seems somewhat impossible – this arctic freeze will cost around $ 500 billion a year. Do you believe that the project can become a reality?

There is a hard truth that everyone knows: our Earth is warming, the thick layers of Arctic ice are melting quickly.

According to satellite data from the United States National Snow and Ice Center, in June 2016, arctic ice was only about 11.1 million square kilometers, while the average figure over the past 30 years is 12.7 million. And that “little” 1.5 million is more than 6 times the size of the whole of the UK.

Nghe hơi điên rồ nhưng dự án trăm tỉ đô này có thể sẽ cứu giúp Trái đất - Ảnh 1.

If we continue at this rate, by the end of 2030 we may no longer see the image of icebergs in the sea.

To minimize this situation, a project was started by scientists from Arizona State University (USA) – freezing the Arctic.

As a result, physicist Steven Desch and his colleagues said that we only need a pumping system placed in buoys at sea. This pumping system will be powered by a wind turbine.

Nghe hơi điên rồ nhưng dự án trăm tỉ đô này có thể sẽ cứu giúp Trái đất - Ảnh 2.

At this point, ice and surface water isolate the water from the bottom layer, but if this amount of water comes into contact with a cold surface temperature of around -35 or -40 degrees Celsius, the surface will become very cold thicker ice layer.

Dr Desch said: “Climate change and related issues are at an alarming rate. So we need more solutions to help prevent the Arctic ice caps from melting faster.

Although I know that trying to freeze the North Pole with windmills and pumps is a crazy idea and full of challenges. But it can also be seen as an option to help prevent the rapid melting of the arctic ice sheet. Each of us is trying to do our best to limit the negative impact on the climate today. “

In the report, it is estimated that the project will cost around 500 billion USD per year, lasting 10 years to be able to cover the Arctic with enough water pump buoys.

Many experts think this huge project is a bit crazy, but according to the study’s author, it could be possible if every country in the world came together to help.

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