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A meteor has just grazed the Earth, and it’s big enough to have its own “Moon” “

A meteorite has a “Moon”? What is happening here?

According to information recorded by NASA, at 6:05 a.m. today – May 26, 2019 – a meteorite hovered over Earth.

Meteorite named 1999 KW4. But in particular, this meteorite is so big that it carries a small meteorite as a satellite, like the Moon of the Earth.

“It is one of the closest asteroid pairs in history,” said planetologist Vishnu Reddy. “This makes them very interesting observation targets.

1999 KW4 is 1,500m wide – not too big, but enough to generate gravity for its 500m wide asteroid “Moon” to spin around. And even if it is called “flying by”, the distance of this duo to the Earth must reach nearly 5 million kilometers, so the risk of hitting our planet is impossible. Even this distance is not enough for us to see them with the naked eye.

Scientists expect this “double” to return to Earth the next time in 2036, and will not bring any danger.

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