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Remembering to save his life when his mother abandoned him, the deer often returned to visit his benefactor

Saved and raised by a family, even if he was released into the herd to integrate into the community, the Inchy deer still has not forgotten the saving grace of its benefactor.
Abandoned by the herd, but luckily saved by the humans

Sometimes between humans and animals there is an invisible connection that no one can predict. Fate must also be held to be true in this case. Abandoned by his mother and attacked by his family, a young deer named Inchy was fortunately saved by the family of 24-year-old Hervey-Bathurst.

Inchy lúc mới được cứu sốngHervey said: “Inchy’s mother gave birth to him in the middle of the field. There were two different herds of deer at the time, one was a red deer and the other was a Dama deer. Newborn baby deer was run away by a female deer The scene was so brutal, when my dad rescued the baby deer he thought he was dead, luckily he opened his eyes later.

After rescuing Inchy from the barbaric attacks of other animals in the herd and bringing the baby deer home, the Hervey family raised him in the kitchen, where Inchy was fed four servings of goat’s milk each day “as if on. squeezed a lemon “. “It’s wonderful to have him at home. He knows where his milk is stored and is always patiently waiting for it to be eaten,” Hervey said.

Nhớ ơn cứu mạng khi bị mẹ bỏ rơi, chú hươu thường về thăm lại ân nhân

Hervey thường chia sẻ những khoảnh khắc của Inchy trên Instagram

Visit the benefactor regularly even after returning to nature

After 4 months of living with the Hervey family, Inchy was reintegrated into the community, returning to his herd. At first he seemed scared and trembling, but luckily his mother and the rest of the pack accepted him. Inchy quickly caught up with the herd, living the life of a wild deer. However, whenever he sees people with their favorite snacks and apples, he always finds a way to approach.

Specifically, after being released back into the wild, this Inchy still remembers the benefactors who saved his life. He often found his way back to Miss Hervey’s house to say hello. Whenever Inchy visited the Hervey family, they happily played together like friends and family.

“Even if he was completely integrated into the pack, as soon as he saw us going out he would run and attract attention. If he didn’t close the door, Inchy would follow us home,” he said. she declared. Hervey-Bathurst shared.

Not only emotional, Inchy is also a very sympathetic person, perhaps because of his life with the Hervey family, Inchy often knows how to express his feelings and emotions. According to the young girl, when she saw an Amazon delivery boy arrive, the deer would not have hesitated to come forward and give them a kiss.

People and things are difficult to communicate with each other, but sincere feelings don’t need words. The love you give, you will surely receive it in return. Thus the gestures of care or special care of the Hervey family that Inchy of a wild deer became more affectionate. It is a blessing to have such an adorable friend as this Inchy deer.

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