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The owners force pets eat mukbang, eat raw chicken drumsticks, raw beef tripe for famous purposes, which angers public opinion

“Pet Mukbang” is a subject particularly noticed and condemned by the public recently.
Chinese media reported that on September 11, many owners were strongly condemned for turning their dog into a mukbang with a huge amount of food. Many people criticize the owner for being unethical when they feed too much of an animal just because they want the interactive phrase.
After a series of scandals involving food bloggers (mukbang) such as mediation, food vomiting and severe food waste, several video platforms in China have stepped up refinement of content on this area. . For this reason, some food bloggers have come up with the idea of turning their pets into mukbangs.
The new “pet mukbang” also initially attracted many people, but the online community increasingly condemned it.

Hàng loạt người chủ ép thú cưng quay mukbang, ăn đùi gà sống, lòng bò sống vì mục đích nổi tiếng khiến dư luận phẫn nộ - Ảnh 1.
A dog was forced to eat raw chicken thighs by its owner.
According to Sina, the genus “pet mukbang” is very popular in China. After accepting the online challenge, the owner offered his dog over 100 snacks. There are also a number of other owners who feed the pet 1.5 kg of beef tripe or a pan filled with raw chicken thighs.
In addition to giving the animal too much food, some people force their dog to eat chili peppers and candy. After eating, they are often lying on the ground, unable to move, with the dog crying throughout the video. This scene made the audience both hurt and angry.
Hàng loạt người chủ ép thú cưng quay mukbang, ăn đùi gà sống, lòng bò sống vì mục đích nổi tiếng khiến dư luận phẫn nộ - Ảnh 5.

Most of these bloggers make money selling pet food, according to Chinese media. Many people criticize this as animal abuse that requires careful care, and not as a tool to make owners more popular.
 Sina, Sohu

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