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“Mother hens have kittens” which makes everyone laugh because of their kindness

A farmer in Iraq on entering the henhouse discovered 3 kittens (1 yellow cat, 2 loof cats) being warmed by the hen.

According to the Daily Mail, recently a video shared on the TikTok platform of a farmer in Iraq caught the attention of many internet users, even capturing their love because of the extremely cute characters.

Goran A Surchi is known to be a Kurdish farmer living in the city of Erbil, in northern Iraq. One day, he suddenly hears a kitten somewhere on his farm even though he doesn’t have a cat.

Fearing that the cats would affect the animals on the farm, he quickly went to check, find out the situation and found that there were 3 kittens, including a yellow cat and 2 robotic cats.

It turns out that the mother of these cats drowned in a lake near the Goran A Surchi farm. Perhaps while helpless, miserable, these cats have come to the hen to count.

This cute video quickly made the online community feverish, with many people expressing their hearts looking “melted” at the warm feeling.

Touched by the animals’ love for each other, Mr. Goran decided to continue to let the kittens live with the mother hen so that they could take care of them freely.

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