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How many years have you lived not sure you’ve heard the names of these strange creatures

Mother Nature is full of surprises, it’s hard to believe that there are so many amazing creatures living on this planet that we might not have heard of.

1. Ili Pika

This rare and cute animal is also known as the “magic rabbit”. Ili Pika was discovered 20 years ago in the Tian Shan Mountains, China.

2. The Pinocchio frog

This creature is also known as the “pointed frog”. When a male frog tries to seduce a female or senses danger, his nose lengthens like Pinocchio and points upwards.

3. Snub nosed monkey

The world’s rarest primate was discovered in 2010 in northern Myanmar. Due to the unusual shape of the nose, the monkey always sneezes when it rains.

4. The fish has a pink “hand”

Several years ago, scientists discovered 14 species of fish with fins that look like hands. Currently, 9 of them are in danger of extinction.

5. Honduran white bats

Small Central American white bats live in a Heliconia leaf tent, eat fruit, and are only 4.7cm long.

6. Dumbo elephant octopus

This exotic deep-sea animal is nicknamed this one because they have two fins on the membrane between their paws, like the ear of the famous cartoon flying elephant Dumbo.

7. Caedicia with pink eyes

This grasshopper has striking pink pea-like eyes that live in the Muller Range Mountains in the Pacific Highlands.

8. Cherax Pulcher crab colors

This beautiful, colorful crab was discovered in Indonesia last year.

9. Albino softshell turtle

These little turtles use a long neck and snorkel-shaped nostrils to breathe underwater.

10. Drop of the tip of the Nendo tube

This pretty bat with unusual eyes and two water-shaped nostrils was discovered in 2009 in the forest of Papua New Guinea. It’s almost like “Yoda beats” from the movie “Star Wars”.

11. Dolphins of the Amazon River

Amazon River dolphins, also known as Red River dolphins, are light gray in color, but some will turn pink as they age. These dolphins are neither friendly nor trainable, so it is not easy to confine themselves to them.

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