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Goldfish survived surgical removal of head tumor

The 9-year-old goldfish was rescued after undergoing surgery to remove the tumor from the head and is able to live another 20 years.

Yahoo reported on April 4 that Bubbles, a red and white goldfish, had a tumor on his head. According to veterinarian Tristan Rich of Melbourne, Australia, tumors can prevent fish from catching bait and swimming in the water.

During the complex surgery, Dr. Rich removed Bubbles’ tumor and was able to save his life. The first step in the process is to appease the goldfish.

“Bubbles was swimming transferred to a bucket of anesthetic and after he fell asleep we plugged the snorkel into the fish’s mouth to allow water to flow through,” said Rich.

After being able to breathe out of the water, Bubbles began to have surgery. “We removed the tumor very quickly and used tissue glue to seal the wound. At the end of the operation, Bubbles was placed in the postoperative room and used an oxygen tube, ”said Rich.

Similar to humans, Bubbles certainly felt pain after surgery, so Dr. Rich gave him pain reliever and a long-acting antibiotic. “After only a short time, the fish can breathe and swim again,” Rich said. According to Dr. Rich, goldfish have a lifespan of up to 30 years.

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