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Find a new way to fight hair loss

The Japanese RIKEN Institute for Physical and Chemical Research has found a new way to combat hair loss.

A team of researchers led by Mr. Takashi Tsuji tried to find a way to recover hair from stem cells. To do this, they cultured rat hair follicles and antennae stem cells in a variety of environments.

A Japanese scientist tried to find a way to get hair from stem cells.

After testing 220 different ingredient combinations, the team found that a 5-component mixture (NFFSE medium) worked best when cells were grown on a specific type of collagen.

Hair growth in humans and other mammals is a continuous, cyclical process of growth in which individual hairs or hairs grow, then fall and grow back.

The results showed that 81% of hair follicles fed from stem cells in NFFSE medium survive at least three of these cycles. While 79% of the follicles were grown in other media, hair growth stopped after loss.

Previously, researchers have also shown that green tea contains organic substances such as catechins, which block the negative effects of testosterone and DHT, which hinders normal hair growth.

The team anointed green tea extract on the scalp of bald patients. Many participants in the experiment reported that their hair had grown a lot.

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