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If you eat a lot of garlic onions with bad breath, do it this way to save your breath

To eliminate bad breath after eating garlic onion, you can apply any of the following methods.

The sulfur compounds in garlic onions create their aroma, but they also cause problems for people to eat. During chewing, sulfur compounds released into the oral cavity combine with available bacteria to make pasta breathing uncomfortable. During digestion, garlic onions continue to breathe smelly through the lungs. The compound allyl methyl sulfide (AMS) is a gas that is absorbed into the bloodstream during garlic metabolism and is sent to the lungs, causing bad breath. At the same time, AMS can also secrete through the pores of the skin, which makes you smell.

Eating garlic onions causes you to suffer from bad breath and even bad body odor, severely affecting communication with people around. To overcome this problem, after eating garlic onions, you can apply some of the following life saving measures.

Chew gum or mint leaves

Chewing on a gum or fresh mint leaves will promote salivation, helping to cleanse the oral cavity while eliminating bad odors. Mint or cinnamon gum will help you breathe easier.

Fresh fruit

You can try eating a few pieces of orange, drinking lemon juice, or eating apples to reduce bad breath after eating garlic onions.

Drink water

Drinking water after a meal will help wash out the garlic onion that remains in the oral cavity after eating. It also stimulates the mouth to produce more saliva, helping to eliminate bacteria that cause bad smells.

Drink green tea

Green tea contains polyphenols which help neutralize the sulfur compounds in garlic, effectively eliminating bad breath after eating.

Drink fresh milk

Fresh milk has been shown to be effective in reducing bad breath after eating garlic onions.

The drink tastes bitter

Acidic water (pH less than 3.6) like lemon juice, passion fruit juice, grapefruit juice … helps fight alliinase enzymes that create odors in onions and garlic , thus effectively eliminating mouth odor after eating.

Brushing teeth

Brushing teeth, flossing, rinsing your mouth after eating will reduce the number of bacteria forming in the oral cavity, eliminate unpleasant odors after eating garlic onions.

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