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DNA testing for newly found stray dog has a powerful twist: it turns out to be the rarest mammal on the planet

No one expected the lonely stray dog, lying alone in a corner of the garden, an extremely rare creature in danger of extinction.

According to ABC, on a beautiful day in August, an anonymous resident of the city of Wandiligong – Victoria (Australia) suddenly heard a moan filled with pain in a corner of the garden.

It was a dog-like animal nestled behind a bush, its mouth sobbing sympathetically “crying”.

Initially, this person thought it could be a wild dog or some kind of fox. Very quickly, the pitiful creature was brought to Dr. Bec Day’s local veterinary clinic.

Here the dog was dedicated to the treatment, and at the same time the doctor also tested his DNA to determine precisely what his identity was.

Xét nghiệm ADN cho một con chó hoang mới tìm thấy, nhận về cú twist cực mạnh: Hóa ra là loài thú hiếm có hàng đầu hành tinh - Ảnh 1.

No one expected the DNA test to have a very unexpected end. According to a recent report, DNA results show this dog to be Dingo – an extremely rare species of the native Australian canine family. Specifically, he is 100% purebred, without a bit of hybridization.

Finding Wandi (the name of the Goofy dog) is great news for conservationists. Because the Australian wild dog, Dingo, is one of the rarest species on the planet, currently listed as endangered due to its inability to reproduce, has been hunted by humans for hundreds of years.

According to Lyn Watson – director of the Australian Dingo Foundation where the Wandi was received – there are a total of three Dingo wild dogs in Australia, including indoor, tropical and mountain species. Wandi belongs to the genus Dingo that lives in the mountains, and is also the only highly endangered species.

“For us this child is a very valuable discovery. The next story will depend on his childhood, and if he gets along well with everyone in the center,” Watson said.

According to CNN, since Wandi is 100% pure, he will be included in the breeding program here. Currently, the program has over 40 adult Goofy participants.

Watson shared that the reason for having a breeding program is that most of the Dingo wild dogs in Australia have been wildly mixed, resulting in the possibility of this animal’s pure genetic source being extinct.

“You won’t find anywhere in Australia that has Goofy dogs with 50% less genomes with domestic dogs. There are even 80% crossbreeds.” – Ricky Spencer, associate professor at the University of Western Sydney shared.

Xét nghiệm ADN cho một con chó hoang mới tìm thấy, nhận về cú twist cực mạnh: Hóa ra là loài thú hiếm có hàng đầu hành tinh - Ảnh 3.

Speaking of Wandi, he was a very lucky Goofy. Wandi’s body was first discovered with clear claw marks, indicating that it should have been in the mouth of an eagle or other large bird of prey. But maybe, for some reason, this predator accidentally let go of its prey.

“There are no puppies around. People who found him heard nothing else. Only Wandy was lying alone in the back garden, moaning,” – said Dr Day.

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