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Dachshund puppy gets onto the bed for the first time

Any cat or dog owner knows that their bed is their pet’s favorite space, even if they have their own space. This little Daschund feels the same way about his parents’ bed.

Mr. Pepper, the adorable dog in the video, has a cute way of getting on the bed thanks to his height. He jumps twice before he’s finally able to get up on the bed.

He clearly cannot contain his excitement once he gets up there. Mr pepper jumping on the bed probably feels like jumping on the bed as a child and using clean sheets as an adult.

However, the adorable pup is not the only one who wants to test their parent’s bed, his housemate soon joins him in the play, and it’s safe to say he approved the new mattress.

Adorable Mr pepper on bed for the first time

For this cute dog, the more, the merrier, but this wasn’t a mutual feeling for the cat who was sleeping under the pillow. He left immediately after Margo joined Mr. Pepper.

That doesn’t stop the game for Margo and Mr. Pepper though, the two continue with their fun until they’re worn out and settle down in the end. They were clearly satisfied with the bed.

The adorable sausage dog continues to wow people with her behavior. Mr pepper is part of the pet family “Always hungry cat” on Youtube, where there are several cute videos of their daily life.

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