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Ancient Roman statues were found in the Underwater Palace

On November 7, Italian archaeologists said they had found an ancient marble statue in an underwater imperial palace near the Bay of Naples.

The sculpture was feminine, but had lost its head and had no arms. It was discovered off the coast near the town of Baia – considered an underwater archaeological site.

Mr. Paolo Caputo, official of the Local Heritage Agency, said: “The discovery of the statue is very important and extremely important for us, because it is possible to know the quality of the ancient marble. And the ingenuity of the sculptor. antique. “.

Currently, archaeologists have not yet confirmed that this faulty statue is an image of a certain saint, or a member of the royal family.

The area around which the statue of Baia was discovered is a thermal spa, which was very popular in Roman times and there are many beautiful villas here.

One of these mansions was confiscated by the Nero Empire (37-68 AD) and turned into a summer vacation castle.

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