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14 elephants gathered to enter the corn garden to find food, and “drank” the people’s 30 liters of wine, then fell into a good night’s sleep

The drinking capacity was not good, but also asked to steal wine and corn, get caught!

How do you feel every time you read a story about a thief who steals things? Funny and amazing at the same time, right? But in life, real stories like jokes always happen.

Recently, a similar humorous “big thief” story got people moving. Specifically, derived from the photo of two elephants sleeping in the middle of a peaceful green tea garden, which many people adore because they are so cute. However, the story behind is not simple, everyone has to laugh and laugh when they know the truth.

Chuyện thật như đùa: Đàn voi đột nhập vườn ngô uống hết 30kg rượu, rồi say sưa ngủ ở đồi chè bên cạnh - Ảnh 1.

Eat well, drink and enjoy a tea garden.

The story is as follows, a herd of 14 elephants, large and small, broke into a corn garden in Yunnan Province, China in search of food. But they have the right not only to find food, but also to “hit hard” with 30 liters of corn wine. The elephants drank all the exhausted wine, then made their way to the next tea hill.

But the amount of alcohol is not high, drinking without knowing the amount of force, at this time the elephants begin to get drunk. And at the climax, the two uncles collapse on the spot, asleep drunk without knowing what the moon or the moon is. This moment was captured and sparked a lot of interactions on social media.

Chuyện thật như đùa: Đàn voi đột nhập vườn ngô uống hết 30kg rượu, rồi say sưa ngủ ở đồi chè bên cạnh - Ảnh 2.

This post caused a “storm” on social networks, not everyone can help but enjoy the kindness of this huge animal. “Go to the corn garden to get drunk, then go to the tea garden to enjoy the tea to stop getting drunk. But before the bonus, it will be lost.” “” I didn’t read the story, I thought this elephant was injured, I didn’t expect this drunk to get so drunk “,” I can’t help laughing “… , Internet users are happy to comment.

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