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Why in the world do people still believe that the Earth is an airplane? The reason may be simpler than you think!

Despite a lot of evidence, there are still people who believe in the “flat earth” theory. Why are they so “stubborn”?

You know, there are people in this world who still believe in the flat earth theory – that is, our entire planet is essentially a disk, not a “spur” in the universe. Even the theory says that the Earth is the center of the universe and that the Sun and the stars will move around us.

Tại sao trên đời vẫn có người tin rằng Trái đất là mặt phẳng? Lý do có thể đơn giản hơn chúng ta nghĩ! - Ảnh 1.

The truth, everyone knows, as there are many scientific theories designed to prove that the world cannot be an airplane.

Ships leaving ports are seen disappearing on the horizon. We see a wider horizon when we look from above. All current theories of physics are built on the basis of the spherical Earth and revolve around the Sun. And most importantly, images of the Earth from outer space show it.

But before the compelling evidence, there are still some who believe in the flat earth theory. Renowned astronomer Stuart Clark answered this question in an interview with Business Insider.

People love stories about life, about the world, about what matters to them, Clark said. Even when science was born, its purpose was simply to verify these stories, in the hope that they were true.

Tại sao trên đời vẫn có người tin rằng Trái đất là mặt phẳng? Lý do có thể đơn giản hơn chúng ta nghĩ! - Ảnh 2.

The spherical earth is indisputable

But in fact, science has almost turned everything around, bringing us into a world with a deeper and more precise understanding of the universe around us. And that’s when things get complicated, as people start to appear who want to deny reality.

They don’t want to believe in science. They just want to follow what they know, make themselves more comfortable and happier. This is why Galileo had been almost cremated in the past for daring to say that the sun was the center of the universe, and then had to live out his last days under the Roman Inquisition.

According to Clark, the flat earth theory is one of them. Moreover, he also thinks that these people may want to test some humorous effect, to see how far they will take the “believers” to go.

If you want to prove to someone who believes the “Flat Earth” theory is wrong, just ask them a few questions:

– The earth is flat, we have an end point! Does that mean that everything will fall into space if they reach that end?

– If I fall, how can I accumulate enough gravity to make everything fall? What causes gravity? If the Earth is spherical, the mass at the center of the Earth is what makes it possible. If it was an airplane, it would be very uncertain and forced to move.

Business Insider

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