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The scene of a retired dog stuck in a park chair because he is too … overweight makes internet users both funny and loving

From the day we left the army, our dogs started to eat a lot and be lazy. This has led to a situation where you cry and laugh half the park.

Recently, on Chinese social networks appeared a funny clip of a retired police dog. Due to excessive weight gain after leaving work, the “boy” ‘s body was obese, causing him to fall into a situation of being stuck on a park bench.

The watchdog mentioned here is Zhuang Zhuang, who served at the Changping District Police Station in Beijing, China. As a result, a video posted on June 6 shows 6 people helping to save Zhuang Zhuang from the “hungry mouth” of the park benches.

Retirement scene stuck on a park bench because he is overweight.

According to the owner, since leaving the military, our dog has started to gain weight. At one point, he reached 45 kg. That day, Zhuang Zhuang was taken by his owner to the park to take photos. But due to his overweight, the retired dog quickly drowned, and while waiting for the owner to find a place to rest, the dog quickly climbed onto the chair. Then somehow unlucky, Zhuang Zhuang slipped and fell into the same situation as in the clip.

Cảnh khuyển về hưu mắc kẹt vào ghế ở công viên vì quá... thừa cân khiến cư dân mạng vừa buồn cười vừa thương - Ảnh 2.
According to the owner, Zhuang Zhuang has a “bottomless” stomach.
“People around were running to help him, we tried everything to try to get Zhuang Zhuang out. The rescue took up to 10 minutes.” – Zhuang Zhuang owner shared with the Daily Mail.
Speaking more about Zhuang Zhuang’s weight gain, Ms. Wang, the dog’s owner and trainer, said the main reason was because he was eating too much and not exercising regularly.
Cảnh khuyển về hưu mắc kẹt vào ghế ở công viên vì quá... thừa cân khiến cư dân mạng vừa buồn cười vừa thương - Ảnh 3.
“We adopted Zhuang Zhuang since he was only one month old. Lately he has a weird expression when he’s been limping lately, everyone thinks he’s sick but it turns out he’s too fat. the family is trying to reduce Zhuang Zhuang’s weight by reducing the size of his portions. “- said Ms. Wang.

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