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The most feared “monsters” in the Amazon rainforest

The Amazon is the largest rainforest in the world and is home to more than 16,000 species of large and small animals, some of which cannot be found anywhere else in the world. According to scientists, on average, 1 new animal species is discovered every 3 days in this vast South American forest.

Top 10 of the most dangerous species of the Amazon rainforest

The monsters still hide in the dark waters of the Amazon River … But the ground is not a safe place to hide, in the murky forest, death can unexpectedly come from small creatures.

Therefore, Amazon is considered one of the most mysterious areas in the natural world filled with spooky creatures. Here are the top 10 most dangerous animals hiding in the Amazon jungle.

1. Giant Anaconda Python

Trăn Anacoda khổng lồ

Over 200kg and up to 9m in length are terrible numbers when it comes to the size of this giant python. This is considered to be the world’s largest python and most of the time it “dives” into the waters of the Amazon River to wait for the wrong prey.

2. Piranha fish

Cá piranha

The terrifying teeth and ferocity of the piranha were famous all over the world. They can tear the flesh of their hapless prey from their bones in seconds. Although known as a scavenger, during the season when food is scarce, they can even attack live prey, and even cannibalism. There have been many reports of piranha attacks on humans.

3. Black Caiman crocodile

Cá sấu đen Caiman

These are considered to be giant animals of the crocodile family. However, they are only really dangerous when they are hungry. Normally, they mainly eat fish.

4. The giant Amazon centipede

Rết khổng lồ Amazon

Normal centipedes are an animal that many people fear, but referring to the giant centipede in the Amazon, many people will have to “cry” because they have a body length of up to 12 inches. People bitten by this centipede may experience symptoms such as fever, fatigue and dizziness.

5. Assassin bugs

Bọ sát thủ

The name of this beetle comes from the fact that its saliva is poisonous and can kill its prey quickly.

6. Electric eel

Lươn điện

Simply put, an eel is able to generate enough current to cripple its prey and even when it is “working at full capacity”, its ability to generate electricity with more power than we normally use. at home.

7. Poison dart frog

Ếch phi tiêu độc

This frog has a pretty bright and eye-catching appearance. However, don’t be fooled by this “eye-catching” look because with just a little touch of their skin, the human heart can stop beating quickly.

8.ant warhead

Kiến đầu đạn

The size of the animal’s body is very small but it has extremely terrible bites. Even their bite is considered to be more painful than the bite of the poisonous Tarantula spider.

9. Brazilian poisonous spiders

Nhện độc Brazil

These arachnids are considered the deadliest poisonous creatures in the world. In the event of an accidental bite by a poisonous Brazilian spider, the victim will immediately fall into a state of difficulty in breathing and may die after a very short time.

10. The Amazon rainforest mosquito

Muỗi rừng Amazon

“Death” is sometimes hidden in the bites of the mosquito in the Amazon rainforest. People with burns will immediately encounter problems such as malaria in the jungle. It is really a dangerous animal because they are so small and it is difficult to avoid the salt spots when entering the forest.

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