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The kind dog saved the baby deer from drowning, the next day the baby deer came back “thank you” then left “peacefully” with his mother.

Seeing the baby deer struggling in the middle of the water, the dog Harley did not care about the danger and rushed to the rescue – “escorted” the baby deer to the shore. The mother of the deer came and “brought me home”. Surprisingly, the next day the baby deer returned, bleating, wagging its tail “calling” the dog. After a moving thank you “touch the nose”, the baby deer and his mother left …

On the evening of June 2, Mr. Ralph Dorn (62 years old) living in Culpeper, Virginia (USA) could not find his Goldendoodle dog named Harley. Then he found his 6 year old pet dog swimming in the middle of the lake behind the house. However, Harley is not alone – next to the dog is a small baby deer.

A friendly dog ​​saves a baby deer
In his Facebook post, Mr Dorn wrote: “It’s not clear how the fawn ended up in the middle of the lake, but apparently Harley didn’t ask why, the dog just jumped into action.

Harley constantly “escorted” the baby deer to shore. Mr. Dorn was already waiting on the shore and helped the two animals get back to shore safely. After the fawn was lifted out of the water and placed on the grass, Harley began to gently lick the little moose’s tiny body, shaking with cold.

Mr Dorn told The People: “Harley didn’t want to get away from the fawn. He just kept licking and looking after the fawn.”

The mother deer appeared on the lawn as soon as the baby deer arrived on the shore. When Mr. Dorn found the mother deer, he brought Harley home. The mother deer waited until Mr. Dorn and Harley were gone before slowly walking with the fawn.

However, the story does not end there.

The little deer came back ‘thank you benefactor’
The next morning, as Mr Dorn and his wife, Patricia, 64, were drinking coffee, they noticed something unusual.

“Harley kept running from window to window. I opened the front door and we could hear the little deer bleating,” Dorn wrote in the Facebook post.

“Harley ran out and found the fawn. The fawn stopped calling, wagged its tail, they sniffed their noses, then Harley calmly came home with me,” Mr. Dorn said.

After a brief reunion with Harley, the fawn seemed to be “assured” as he had “thanked” his benefactor. Mr Dorn said that later that day he saw the mother deer and the baby deer “walking away”. He has not seen the two young deer since that day.

Harley’s act of humanity came as no surprise to Mr. Dorn. “We can say that from a young age Harley had such an honest heart,” he said. He always behaves this way towards children and animals. I love you all.”

Harley is a certified therapy dog who is often brought in to visit elderly people in nursing homes, or to sit with children during reading time at the local library. He is also very close to Mr. Dorn’s four young grandchildren.

Dorn’s Facebook post received over 250,000 shares and tens of thousands of likes, much to the couple’s surprise.

“We are very happy that the story moved people and brought joy to so many people,” he said.

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