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The blood moon is about to appear, there are rumors of the end of the world

A mysterious planet called Nibiru or Planet X (Planet X) could collide with Earth next month, according to conspiracy theorists.

A video posted to YouTube recently showed a mysterious planet appearing along with a blood moon phenomenon.

For years, conspiracy theorists have argued that Nibiru or Planet X – a planet with a large orbit – will wreak havoc on Earth.

However, this is the first time they have associated Nibiru with the blood moon phenomenon – caused by sunlight passing through Earth’s atmosphere and being refracted.

Since 2014, the phenomenon of the blood moon has appeared several times, which has rarely happened in the past 2000 years. In the video “Nibiru Planet X 2016”, many people assume that the recent blood moons are in fact the shadow of the planet Nibiru as it approaches Earth.

“This will tell you the real reason why the moon turns red like blood. It is because the planet Nibiru next door is pouring red on the moon” – explains the video.

Governments are aware of the apocalypse, which could occur when Nibiru collides with land in mid-September, according to this video, but keep it a secret.

The destruction of Niribu has been discussed for a long time, but so far the scientific community has not confirmed its existence.

Conspiracy theorists argue that the gravity effects of the “red planet” Niribu have disrupted the orbits of other planets for hundreds of years.

Some also believe that the “plasma energy flow” emanating from Nibiru has penetrated the solar system and changed the Earth’s climate since 1996, causing monstrous weather phenomena and natural disasters.

However, the US Aerospace Agency (NASA) once said, “Nibiru and the anomalous planet stories are just tricks on the Internet. Of course, they don’t exist.”

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