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NASA holds press conference that may release evidence of life on Mars

There are numerous rumors that NASA is about to announce the discovery of water – even from an ocean – flowing onto Mars.

According to ScienceAlert, NASA will host a scientific conference announcing the discovery of liquid water on the surface.
March at 3:30 a.m. (UTC), or 10:30 p.m. Vietnam time on September 28 at NASA Headquarters in Washington, USA.
The event focuses on the fact that graduate student Lujendra Ojha of the Georgia Institute of Technology (USA) accidentally discovered traces of running water while studying photos of the surface of Mars in 2011..

Fingerprints are believed to indicate the presence of liquid water on Mars
During the research process, Ojha sought to remove points of noise in the image, such as light interference, ghosting … and found traces like fingerprints in the photos.
Traces at the same coordinates change over time
The traces show movements over time, like the marks of running water.

Ojha didn’t know at first what these traces were and they weren’t even related to the research Ojha was doing. However, realizing the enormous potential, Ojha has spent years studying these traces.

150928mars03-aa1edAfter Ojha’s discovery, traces were also discovered in other places on Mars. These traces seem to appear as the weather warms and disappear as the weather cools.
This could be evidence of liquid water, even from an ocean below the surface of Mars. This water source will appear when the weather warms.

If this finding is true, the impact will be enormous. Liquid water on the planet is one of the prerequisites for life. It may even be a basis for finding aliens in the future.

The evidence for the presence of water on Mars is not new. Previously, scientists found frozen water at the poles of Mars, but never found liquid water there.

In addition, erosion streaks on the planet’s surface also show that water once existed here. However, with the planet’s low gravity and weak atmosphere, scientists believe that the water has evaporated into space, instead of falling in the rain and falling like it did on Earth.

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