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NASA rejected ‘prophecy’ that the earth would end in September 2015

NASA experts have confirmed that comments about a large asteroid attack on Earth causing destruction are baseless.

“A bus-sized asteroid named 2014 EC will strike near Puerto Rico between September 22-28, 2015. This attack will cause large-scale earthquakes and tsunamis, devastated America’s eastern coasts , Mexico, Central and South America and destroyed the Earth. “

This is the main content of the letter from the self-pioneering prophet “Rev. Efrain Rodriguez. According to Inquisitr, Rev. Efrain Rodriguez shared that he had received a message from God about this attack and had decided to have it. intends to send a letter to NASA.

However, NASA recently denied information about the end of Earth in September 2015 and found it insufficient. NASA experts say it’s not uncommon for large asteroids to attack Earth, possibly as many as hundreds of asteroids a year.

However, a NASA spokesperson recently said: “Currently, no asteroids are likely to attack Earth, and if so, the likelihood of a large collision causing earthquakes or tsunamis is En In fact, there won’t be a single asteroid big enough to threaten Earth in the next hundred years.
Many people believe that the governments of the main countries of the world are aware of this danger, but they are trying to keep it a secret to avoid creating panic among the people.

Meanwhile, space experts will try to intervene and destroy this asteroid before it can attack Earth.

Space research professor Brian Cox shared with Mail Online: “In fact, cosmic rocks are potentially dangerous to attack Earth and many asteroids have grazed our planet from a distance. near.


NASA has always focused on tracking threats that could threaten Earth and is currently tracking 1,400 potentially dangerous asteroids. However, if something goes wrong, space experts will accurately calculate and predict the danger and find a way to solve it.

So you should just “eat well and sleep well” because there will be no asteroid 2014 EC attacking Earth or bringing us to the Apocalypse.

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