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Innovate to thrive in times of market volatility – Recognize challenges and leverage existing challenges

According to Microsoft, out of 5 companies that innovate, 3 plan to expand the model despite the volatility of the economy. Innovation helps companies to adapt more quickly to changes, to markets, to improve production capacity…

It can be seen that innovation is the right direction that companies (especially SMEs) should take at this stage. Innovation includes changes in the way of working, such as the increase in remote working, in management, operation and production processes as technology is applied on a large scale and throughout..

However, experts also said that innovation requires certain requirements of technology application capacity, management capacity, problem-solving skills arising from the innovation process…

For example, data security and network security are seen as a common challenge. However, not all companies have a security room to be ready to intervene 24/7. Or most business models will not be able to have enough IT human resources to run the jobs when applying technology like today… Self-built automated systems with many repetitive processes, monitoring, work warning… are not possible.

The fastest way is to take advantage of some of the existing features that were created and developed by technology infrastructure providers during their self-development.

Take advantage of some of the benefits offered by local technology providers

Have an existing security system

With the experience of deploying in the Vietnamese market, these vendors have enough understanding to provide timely warnings to help local customers and businesses quickly detect attacks, threats and self-destruction.

For example, the security department of BizFly Cloud was created to provide security for all internal and customer projects of VCCorp for the past 14 years. BizFly Cloud customers are currently protected on a 24/7 underground security layer for many of today’s major systems (Kenh14, CafeF, CafeBiz, Afamily, Soha Game …), with warnings and advice so that companies can respond to sensitive incidents on their own. And this support is a completely free utility.

Advantages of transmission line, transmission speed

With the server system located in Vietnam, the jobs, applications and business websites located on the IT infrastructure will not be affected by the speed of the international network. It is a fact to point out that the transmission speed, internet connection speed in Vietnam is currently among the best in the world. The rollout of the 5G network is also accelerating and will soon be widely adopted. With a strong telecommunications infrastructure, covering the entire territory, as well as open government promotion policies, Vietnamese users and businesses enjoy a network transmission speed that even many developed countries in the world must desire.

Therefore, services with server infrastructure located in Vietnam are generally not affected by connection failures due to international network errors. The transmission speed to the user is not only guaranteed against network congestion, but also faster under normal conditions. Indeed, the servers located in the host country are located there closer to the users, which shortens the distance and the time of data transmission. With 3 data centers located in Vietnam, BizFly Cloud provides a connection speed of just under 1s between the two ends of Hanoi – Ho Chi Minh City.

So, on the other hand, what about international deployment needs? The bandwidth will help solve the problem. With a total network bandwidth of up to 150 Mbps, BizFly Cloud can meet almost any system configuration requirement as well as up to over 99.99% availability. Combined with Load Balancer technology for instant scalability in peak load situations. The cult event of the Paris Motor Show in distant France with an audience of 1 billion viewers in charge of BizFly Cloud shows that national suppliers also have technological capabilities that are not inferior to those of foreigners.

This is certainly a clear advantage of local suppliers. There is no language barrier, technical advice and support is provided by a team of seasoned experts who understand the market. And with many years of experience in the domestic market, companies will also receive the necessary support in technology.

BizFly Cloud is currently one of the five vendors that fully meet the Information Security Criteria, the Criteria Set of Cloud Computing Platforms for Argument Forwarding, Building e-government / e -government. with Viettel, CMC, VNG and FPT, certified by the Ministry of Information and Communication.

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