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How important is it to find traces of life in the solar system?

Although humans cannot live in these worlds, finding traces of life will be a big step forward for humanity.

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For decades, since the beginning of the expansion of space exploration and exploration, scientists have been constantly searching for a single goal: the trace of life, even at the microbiological level. , on other planets. But for now, we still can’t find it.

Due to the long distance, with limited technology at present, humans will not be able to find any trace of life on distant planets outside the solar system. It will be the story of decades, if not hundreds of years to come. But not for scientists to surrender, they are still constantly searching the solar system for traces of life.

Several months ago, scientists discovered phosphine gas in the atmosphere of Venus. This is considered a great discovery, as this gas can only be synthesized in the laboratory, but in nature it appears to be very limited by living organisms. This means that it is very likely that life in the form of bacteria will appear in the atmosphere of Venus.

Yet, thanks to measurements, scientists continue to find traces of liquid lakes on Mars. It is currently impossible to confirm if there is a lake there, and if so, scientists are hoping there will be some species of bacteria.

Việc tìm ra dấu vết sự sống trong Hệ Mặt Trời có ý nghĩa lớn thế nào? - 2

Mars is a place where scientists have high hopes.

If that fails, we will continue to redirect to Saturn’s satellites, where there may be liquid water, which means bacteria can survive. All the planets in the solar system are currently being watched closely by scientists in hopes of finding any trace of life.

Keep in mind that even though life is found on other planets in the solar system, humans are unlikely to be able to live there. The friendliest place, Mars, also has extreme conditions like a breathless atmosphere, extremely strong radiation, too low gravity … And other planets are either too hot or too cold, there is no way to live on the surface.

So why are scientists still finding ways to find traces of life on all the planets in the solar system? It’s simple: prove life on other planets. It is enough to find traces of all life, which means that Earth is not the only planet with life in this universe.

Việc tìm ra dấu vết sự sống trong Hệ Mặt Trời có ý nghĩa lớn thế nào? - 3

Finding traces of life outside of Earth is of great importance.

It is a discovery of great importance for the development of mankind in general and the space science industry in particular. We have always believed that life is present on other planets, but so far this has not been proven. Simply proving successful, people will have great strength to explore the universe and find new lands.

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