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Fast food causes a lot of unpredictable damage to children’s health

Fast food helps adults and children to feel full quickly and the taste of the food is also very appealing. But behind these delicious and eye-catching dishes lie countless unforeseen damage to the health of everyone, especially children.

The meats in the burgers are made from animal meat after being killed. No one knows for sure the origin of these ingredients. Is the animal infected, infected with influenza, is the meat healthy and hygienic, are the bacteria in the meat completely dead? The meat in burgers is always ground, which is why many fast food establishments use rancid and unfamiliar ingredients.

Not to mention that during processing, the chef will put the meat on the cutting board, on which there are other raw materials. Tomatoes, lettuce are some “neighbors” in burgers. Vegetables, meat and cheese are all placed on the same cutting board, which increases the risk of infection from one ingredient to another. Food poisoning can occur immediately when a hamburger buyer chews this contaminated salad. Therefore, we cannot know whether we can eat a contaminated cake or not.

Recently, there have been huge varieties of burgers, which are very eye-catching, but you have to remember that the medium-sized bun has enough protein, not to mention the oversized.

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You need to cook the meat well to remove pathogens that lead to poisoning. Be sure to check the meat with a thermometer to help determine if it has reached the correct cooking temperature. Red meat is high in saturated fat, which can harden arteries, raise blood pressure, and increase the risk of cardiovascular disease when you overeat.

Accompanied by burgers, golden fries. 10 people, up to 9 people when ordering will choose this combo. A burger, a fries and a soft drink, your child will bring more than 1800 calories, that is to say the equivalent of the calories necessary for a whole day. So, just by eating any other food, their body will also store excess energy over the required level. The substances in the fried potatoes with a lot of oil will destroy the nerve cells and trigger the toxic process, causing damage to the cells of the body. Gradually, human nerve cells will be damaged, revealing states of anxiety, sensory disturbances, depression, autism …

A recent study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (USA) found that people who ate French fries more than twice a week were twice as likely to die as the general population. French fries are a food that provides a lot of calories, sodium and sometimes trans fat, but very few nutrients. You don’t have to force your kids to avoid French fries, but instead, you can give them a treat once a month.

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A very popular fast food for children is pizza. It is a cake made from flour, topped with cheese and different meats and vegetables. Pizza is a factor in weight gain and obesity because it contains a very high calorie content. Up to 10-17g of fat (mostly saturated fat) and 250g-350g of calories are contained in a slice of cake. The more stages there are in the processing of pizza, the more harmful it is. If you want to offer this dish to your child, you should choose pizzas with fresh ingredients that are low in cheese, as these foods often undergo less processing. If you are making your own pizza, use cauliflower powder, while ensuring a delicious and healthy taste.

Pizza Saint AliceFried foods, especially chicken dishes with a crispy marinade, are the number 1 health hazard for children. During frying, food produces acrylamide, while consumption of high levels of acrylamide in a short time will affect the central nervous system, while long-term exposure to acrylamide with low doses mainly affects the peripheral nervous system.

Most fried chicken dishes are prepared by frying them in a pan filled with oil, so the fat content is very important. According to calculations, a roast chicken thigh provides around 800 calories, of which around 80g is fat. A serving of fried chicken wings made up of three chicken wings contains around 1000 calories and 100g of fat. One serving of fried chicken can weigh up to 400-500g of meat. A regular serving of fried chicken is not just chicken, but often served with other dishes such as French fries, fried rice or porridge … so the calorie content is huge.

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To increase palatability, extra-calorie fast foods also have an equally “fatty” companion – sparkling water. On average, each 330ml can of soft drink contains 36-63g of sugar. All types of soft drinks contain a lot of artificial sweeteners in the form of refined sugar, this sugar is absorbed very quickly by the body, it is not converted into energy but leads to the accumulation of fat. Therefore, it is one of the factors that causes obesity if children consume more carbonated drinks daily than the permitted level (equivalent to 20 g / day). And obesity is also a high risk for diabetes and cardiovascular disease later in life.

Parents should keep in mind that everyone needs fat for their body, but there is a difference between good and unhealthy fats. The good fats are found in vegetable oils such as olive oil, soybean oil, sesame oil, etc. These are fats that parents can transform so their children can eat regularly.

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