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Earth’s magical ability to provide for itself

Scientists’ experience shows that the Earth seems to have the capacity to recover on its own to ensure that life can continue under the changes in nature.

Humans and living creatures are indeed extremely lucky to be able to live on Earth. It is the only planet thought to exist and this “realization” has been maintained for billions of years. It is an astonishing phenomenon, putting Earth in the group of the most bizarre planets in this vast universe.

This doesn’t mean that life on Earth is always easy. In fact, the blue planet has faced many levels of extinction. The miracle, however, is that the Earth itself is still trying to bring things back to balance. It may take millions of years for this to happen, but it’s still fast enough that life can start all over again.

Recently, scientists did a test to prove how lucky organisms on Earth are when the planet has sustained life for billions of years.

Researcher Toby Tyrrel’s test was published in Communication Earth & Environment magazine. In the article, Toby Tyrrel said that Earth has been alive for 3-4 billion years and that his desire is to do dozens of simulations to see how lucky the Earth really has been.

“The climate on Earth ensures that life is sustained for 3-4 billion years. The sun’s brightness increased by 30% during this time. If something doesn’t resist, it will cause infertility. In addition, the Earth’s climate is in a precarious equilibrium, which can sink into freezing for at least a million years.

Here, I present the results of a new simulation, in which thousands of planets are “assigned” to randomly generated climate response levels. Every planet is tested to see if it can sustain life for about 3 billion years, ”he said.

Tyrrell performed a simulation test on 100,000 planets. Each of these planets will “try” to respond to the surrounding conditions and create different variations. Each planet is simulated 100 times. He also carried out the monitoring of the temperature of the planets over 3 billion years (simulation).

Of these 100,000 planets, there are planets that have passed one or more simulations. But only one planet can support life in all 100 simulations.

Since then, it has been hypothesized that the Earth has adapted to ensure that it maintains conditions of life before changes in nature, global freezing times or volcanic eruptions. If an imbalance were created over these billions of years, it is very likely that humans and countless creatures today would not have existed.

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