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Earth did a very weird thing that science hasn’t done until now

And with this revelation, a lot of things in history will have to be redefined, especially the old age of dinosaurs.

The Earth has existed for billions of years, while human history is only a microscopic part of it. Therefore, even with modern science and technology, our understanding of the blue planet is still very limited.

In a recent study, for example, scientists suddenly realized that the Earth was behaving really bizarre related to orbit.

Experts have long suspected that Earth’s orbit is changing slowly, at an extremely slow rate. But it is necessary to go to the research of experts from Columbia University (USA), this is confirmed.

And more importantly, ancient stone evidence also shows that the strange behavior existed a hundred million years ago.

Specifically, experts say Earth’s orbit is almost a circle, but now it has moved about 5% towards the ellipse. The reason is due to the cycle of the impact of gravity between Earth, Venus and Jupiter. And its origins date back to the late Triassic around 215 million years ago.

With this discovery, every model of Earth’s climate in the past will have to change. And even, it also affects the birth process of dinosaurs. Chances are, the climate changes of this period were more severe than you might think and inadvertently created the right platform for giant reptiles to dominate the ground.

Trái đất đã làm một điều hết sức quái đản mà đến giờ khoa học mới nhận ra - Ảnh 2.

The period of prosperity of the dinosaurs can be attributed to the extraordinary cycle of the Earth

“The cycles affecting gravity on Earth are difficult to follow because they change over time” – said Dennis Kent, author of the study. “But this cycle is unique and it does not change. Each planet in the cycle moves accordingly.”

The cycle of motion of this Earth is called Milankovich – was named after the Serbian mathematician in 1920. During the Milankovich cycle, there is a 100,000 to 410,000 year cycle affecting the orbit, of which the ‘one is 41,000 years of tilt, and a period of 21,000 years. years for the axis of rotation of the Earth.

Trái đất đã làm một điều hết sức quái đản mà đến giờ khoa học mới nhận ra - Ảnh 3.

This combination of cycles can have an effect on the climate, as it determines the energy of the northern hemisphere from the sun. The global climate can change because of this.

Currently, Earth’s orbit is nearing the end of the 405,000-year cycle, and as a result the climate is a bit warmer. However, the main cause of global climate change remains people and the enormous amount of greenhouse gases we release each year.

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