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Drink water as soon as you finish eating or wait 30 minutes later: many people get into the bad habit

Drinking water right after eating is a very popular habit. But is this simple-minded habit really good or does it pose health risks?
Most of us have a habit of drinking a little water after we finish a meal thinking that the water helps all the food come down and clean the mouth.
Although nutritionists always recommend that people drink enough fluids, drink them when the body needs them. But at times, we avoid water consumption. And one of those times is right after eating.
At this moment, many people will ask the question: why is this?
Nutritionists say that you should avoid drinking water before, during and after eating. Everyone should wait at least 30 minutes after eating before drinking.
In fact, the body takes about 2 hours to digest food. Food passes through the esophagus, then the stomach, then the colon before being eliminated from the body.
1. Flatulence
To digest food, the body needs a certain liquid-to-solid ratio. This balance is affected when you drink water immediately at the end of a meal because this habit can reduce the time and digestion of food.
This makes you hungry faster than usual, resulting in higher calorie consumption, which increases your risk for gas.
So, experts suggest waiting around 30 minutes after eating before drinking water. During this time, the body will go to the next stage of digestion, drinking water will not disturb the digestive process.

Uống nước sau khi ăn xong

2. Heartburn and heartburn
Drinking water right after eating will also dilute digestive juices and enzymes which are extremely important in the digestive process and reduce the excretion of these enzymes leading to increased stomach acid. And this is the cause of heartburn and heartburn.
In addition, after eating a full meal, you drink too much water, which makes the stomach full, creates a feeling of heaviness, feeling unwell, tired and uncomfortable.
3. The body absorbs less nutrients
While digesting food, the body absorbs a number of essential nutrients. However, drinking water right after each meal causes your body to absorb less of these nutrients.
The habit of drinking water after eating it not only affects digestion, but also reduces the quality of the food we have just eaten.

Thói quen uống nước sau khi vừa ăn xong không chỉ ảnh hưởng tới tiêu hóa mà còn làm giảm chất lượng của thực phẩm

4. The risk of obesity
Another long-term consequence that cannot be ignored is that drinking water immediately after eating also increases the risk of obesity. In a sense, water reduces digestion, which leaves a lot of food undigested in the intestinal system.
Glucose in undigested food will be stored and converted to accumulated fat in the body. Therefore, glucose in undigested food can also increase blood sugar levels, which in turn leads to diabetes.
In addition to the above 2 diseases, the habit of drinking water right after eating also increases the concentration of uric acid, bad LDL cholesterol and triglycerides.
Notes on drinking water in relation to meals
For a healthy digestive system, you should avoid drinking too much water before, during or immediately after a meal.
The best time to drink water is 30 minutes before and after eating. This habit will help your digestive system to function more efficiently.
If you are thirsty, you should only drink a small sip of water with your meal, it will lubricate the digestive tract and soften the food so that the food can be digested easily.

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