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Dogs save owners from burning house

The squirrel dog named Gucci has been hailed as a hero after barking loudly to alert his owner to escape the fire in time on October 7.

George Rutonski, the owner of Gucci, slept at his home in the Eagle Vale suburb of Sydney as the fire rose. Rutonski woke up after barking a 2 year old dog and smelled smoke. With the help of a neighbor, Rutonski and Gucci escaped unharmed as the house continued to burn.

Rutonski, 58, was taken to hospital for an examination due to inhaling a lot of smoke and said he was grateful to Gucci. “Yes, dogs are man’s best friend,” Rutonski said. Fred Sukker, a neighbor in the same neighborhood, also said Rutonski lost everything in the fire and would not have survived without the dog.

Ngôi nhà sau khi bị ngọn lửa tàn phá. Ảnh: CNN.

Much of the house Rutonski was renting was destroyed in the fire, and the roof largely collapsed. The fire can come from a cigarette or a candle that burns halfway through the interior room. Rutonski said he did not hear the fire alarm. Most likely, this device is not working properly.

The Pomeranian is a small breed of pets that originated in Europe. They are 18 to 30 cm high and weigh 1 to 3 kg. This breed has a thick double coat with a thick, straight, slightly stiff outer coat and the inner coat is short, soft and thick. The colors of the squirrel dog are varied: red, orange, cream, white, brown and black.

With a loud bark and a high level of vigilance, the squirrel is a good watchdog. They are very agile and can perform many tricks if trained. The squirrel dog is also considered a good companion for the elderly due to its friendly nature and sociability with other pets in the house.

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