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Discovery of exotic yellow penguins, “rare and difficult to find”

Nature still contains many mysteries that people have never discovered and known. A photographer encountered a strange yellow penguin in the natural world.

Penguins are known as elegant gentlemen with a tuxedo appearance, but are you sure you’ve ever seen a yellow penguin?

Chim cánh cụt màu vàng tại khu vực Nam Đại Tây Dương.

Belgian photographer Yves Adams accidentally captured this bird during an exhibition photography trip in the South Atlantic.

As he removed the equipment he was wearing, he felt something out of the ordinary with over 120,000 penguins.

Đàn chim cánh cụt hơn 120.000 con“I have never seen or heard of such a yellow penguin. On the beach, this bird is extremely unique as it is unique among more than 120,000 penguins ”- Adams shared with Kennedy News.

Chim cánh cụt màu vàng

The reason why this penguin has a different yellow color than its counterpart is because it has leucism, which is a rare genetic variation in biological pigmentation that leads to a lack of pigmentation in animals.

Lymphoid animals have no body pigmentation, which gives them a pale, pale white color. According to a study of leucism in penguins, depending on the specimen, the probability of developing leucism is 1 in 20,000 to 146,000. Therefore, this animal is part of a herd of 120,000 people, which is very appropriate for study. With this penguin, instead of black feathers, it becomes yellow feathers, looks very unique.

Chim cánh cụtSince these pictures of penguins appeared, they have spread vigorously, garnering more than 100,000 votes.

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