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Australia produces fresh milk with a shelf life of at least 2 months

An Australian dairy company received government funding to produce 100% natural fresh dairy products with a minimum refrigerated shelf life of 60 days, with no additives or preservatives.

According to a reporter from Sydney, an Australian dairy processing company has received federal government funding to build a factory using the world’s first patented technology to produce fresh milk. have a longer lifespan.

On its website, the Queensland-based Wholey Dairy Company says the technology “is the biggest breakthrough in the global dairy industry since sterilization in 1864,” will produce production. 100% natural fresh dairy products, minimum refrigerated shelf life of 60 days, no additives or preservatives.

According to Australia’s Minister of Industry, Science and Technology, Karen Andrews, the grant will help the company build a pilot plant in Queensland to create export products, paving the way for the development of a large installation. large in the state of Tasmania.

If successful, the project will create enormous potential for Australian fresh milk exports.

Parent company Naturo is one of 9 companies that received a total grant of AUD 4.4 million (USD 3 million) from the federal government.

Other sponsored projects include solar lighting products, smartphone scanning technology that uses software stored in the cloud to create personalized hearing aids and human intelligence. for professional development.

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