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Attending school more than a lotus, the dog graduated with a bachelor’s degree from college

According to his class master during the four years of college, the dog became celibate to the applause of many people

Pets are still considered close friends of humans. Not only are the people next to us every day, they are also always companions and help the owner clear his mind. So, at important times in life, dogs or cats always have a special role for the owner.
This is the story of Tiffany Ascanio and her Pitbull dog named Kali. Tiffany attended Florida International University and graduated after 4 years of trying to study. However, what caught everyone’s attention on her graduation day was Kali. Today, this puppy also wears a bachelor costume and takes the podium to receive a diploma.
Đi học đều hơn cả sen, chú chó được trường đại học trao bằng cử nhân - Ảnh 1.

Apparently, Tiffany has a health problem and needs special treatment. As a result, on the proposal of the school’s support center for disabled people, she is authorized to bring her dog to class to help him with school activities. Kali is trained in many skills before “going to school” because unlike normal pets, Kali also has the task of helping people with disabilities or health issues to make their jobs easier. It is part of the United States Disability Law. By law, animals can guide their owners in public spaces, including libraries or classrooms.

Đi học đều hơn cả sen, chú chó được trường đại học trao bằng cử nhân - Ảnh 2.

From the beginning of mechanical engineering studies at Florida International University until the completion of her thesis and graduation, Kali has always pursued her Masters and facilitated Tiffany’s studies. she significantly reduced her nighttime insomnia. Tiffany shared, “Kali has more friends than I do. I don’t think I could do well in school without Kali’s help, I have become much stronger than I thought.” statue!”

Because she excelled in the training course and helped her employer to have an excellent 4-year university, Kali was also honored to receive the certificate of completion of the vocational training course to help disabled students of the National University . Florida. This adorable dog is also the first recognized pet to graduate from this prestigious university.

At the end of the four-year course, she and her pets plan to travel to Seattle and apply to become a Boeing commercial aircraft manufacturer. But first, she’ll take her best friend on a trip to places she loves after years of hard work.

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