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5 foods not to eat with pineapple if you don’t want to be “chased” by Cao Cao

Pineapple is a popular fruit for its flavor and richness in nutrients. However, to fully enjoy it, we must not eat pineapple with the following foods, otherwise it will harm our health.

The food is hostile to pineapple

Pineapple is a tropical fruit that is very fragrant, delicious, sweet and rich in nutrients. This fruit contains a lot of vitamin C including calcium, potassium, folate … There are also antioxidants and other useful compounds such as enzymes that can fight inflammation and disease.

In order to fully absorb the nutrients provided by pineapple, we should not eat pineapple with the following foods as it reduces the use of pineapple and even harms our health.

Dứa chứa nhiều vitamin C, canxi, kali, folate…
Pineapple contains many vitamins C, calcium, potassium, folic acid …

1. Mango

Pineapples and mangoes are two fruits that cannot be eaten together. They will cause diarrhea because these two fruits react with each other, because they increase the load on the stomach and because they both contain chemicals that cause allergic skin reactions.

Pineapple contains a specific protease, which can easily lead to allergies, abdominal pain, and inflammation of the abdomen. In mango, urushiol contains skin and mucous irritants, which causes pain, itching, blistering, peeling.

In addition, pineapple contains glycosides, bromelain and other substances that cause bad effects on the skin and blood vessels. Eating pineapple for an hour can cause your tongue to itch, burn, or numb.

2 eggs

Eggs are another food not eaten with pineapple. The protein in eggs and the fruit acids in pineapple combined together will solidify the protein, causing symptoms of discomfort and indigestion.

3. Milk

According to TS. BS. Hoang Minh Duc, Viet Duc Friendship Hospital, one of the causes of food poisoning in humans is from the source of toxins that the food itself produces. Toxins may not come from a single food but from a combination of two foods, the main source is often on the one hand acidic fruits and vegetables, such as malic acid, caprylic acid or even lice. are ascorbic acid (vitamin C) … the other side is meat, eggs and fish, which contain a lot of protein.

Here, pineapple is a vegetable and fruit food that contains a lot of acids, including vitamin C or ascorbic acid. Meanwhile, milk is a food rich in protein. If you eat these two dishes individually they are very nutritious but eaten together, large amounts of ascorbic acid and the protein they contain will meet and react in the body causing irritation to the stomach and intestines, creating symptoms of actual poisoning. mild products such as upset stomach, diarrhea, severe cases can cause severe food poisoning. So milk and dairy products, including yogurt, should definitely not be eaten with pineapple.

4. Radish

Củ cải

The combination with the radish will destroy the vitamin C in the pineapple.

These two foods eaten together will destroy the vitamin C in pineapple, thus reducing other nutrients. In addition, they also promote the conversion of pineapple flavonoids to dihydroxybenzoic acid and ferulic acid inhibits thyroid function, causing goiter.

5. Seafood

Eating pineapple after eating seafood converts the vitamins in the pineapple into arsenic-like components, causing vomiting, diarrhea, and other unwanted symptoms.

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