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Zombie object as strong as 1 billion Earth gives frightening makeover

Scientists have observed an object – dubbed the Frankenstein or Zombie of the Universe – that transforms into something like an immortal star.

The team led by Dr. Ilaria Caizzo of the California Institute of Technology (Caltech – USA) has discovered one of the most terrifying white dwarfs ever recorded. The white dwarf is known as the zombie or “Frankenstein” of the universe because it is the core of a dead giant star.

Although they are a “dead” object, white dwarfs have terrifying powers. According to Sci-News, the newly discovered star – the name ZTF J190132.9 + 145808.7 – although slightly larger than our moon, but has a magnetic field up to 1 billion times the Earth’s salt, equivalent to 900 times the magnetic field of the Sun God! It is also 1.35 times more massive than the Sun and makes it the smallest and heaviest white dwarf ever discovered.

It has a strange movement: spinning and spinning very fast about 6.9 minutes per revolution. This leads scientists to believe it is approaching a molt.

According to Live Science, the layers of this “zombie” are shrinking, becoming denser. This will lead to 1 of 2 scenarios: explode and die completely, or vice versa, become an immortal object called a “neutron star”.

Neutron stars are much denser than white dwarfs and can also be born directly from dead stars if the original star was at least 8 times as massive as the Sun.

She is much smaller but more energetic than a white dwarf, constantly radiating all kinds of rays and generating some of the most intense activity in the universe.

Some of the mysterious radio bursts received by Earth are suspected to come from this type of star, or perhaps a pair of tearing neutron stars.

This is also the scenario scientists are waiting for, because observing a white dwarf in transformation is a treasure “once every thousand years” in the study of stellar evolution.

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