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Young people become "expensive" on Tinder thanks to the bio that hit the psychology of the girls who love cats, living together as "lotus"

Do you have a match with a guy who loves cats on Tinder?

In the era when people only have 1 second to choose “swipe right” or “swipe left” with you on Tinder, choosing a magical profile picture is no need to argue. Beautiful boys and girls with sparkling pictures every day match hundreds of people is no need to dispute. However, sometimes there is no need for beautiful photos, you can still make people burn with great skills and a part of bio-salty but like sea salt.

Recently, a guy has made the girls “swiping” enthusiastically even though he did not show his appearance on Tinder. The guy brought up his boss photo as a super cute cat named Lu to “seduce” the group of girls who also have the same lotus fate. Looking at the picture of this cute, fat cat, everyone will automatically work. Obviously, a guy who loves cats is for sure, also has a level of patience and knows how to take care of others.

┬áNot to mention, the long bio (compared to a normal bio on Tinder) also makes people unable to swipe because it’s so impressive: “Hi, I’m Lu, 2 years old and weighs 4kg. Because I’m so smart I hacked my dad’s Facebook and got in. While there are a lot of female cats flirting with me, my dad just likes to stay home and touch my balls. It’s disappointing. For my cuteness and for my safety My 2 marbles, can you pull my dad out of the house My dad can do it too. Signature: Super cute 2 year old Lu “. Have you found yourself “drowned” in this unrivaled cuteness?

After being shared on the group, this lovely profile is making people fidgety. Everyone wants to have a chance to see this guy on Tinder to swipe right right and always.

– God is so cute, no matter if he is handsome, it is definitely interesting!

– I hope to match this friend to talk.

– I also like cats here.

– Oh a sea of salt. Nothing has seen wanting to date this guy to hug the cat.

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