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With your own eyes, admire the invisible dance of the blue moving bird: 0.065 seconds can jump 3 steps

The high-speed dancing of birds is used to attract mates, so fast that scientists have to use slow-motion cameras to record their dance moves.

In the wild, there are many species of birds that use dancing to attract the attention of their companions, with the sparrow showing its talents to the female with a series of skillful dances.
The most special of them can be mentioned is the cypress (a species of sparrow), as it possesses a dance almost invisible to the human eye, visible only with high speed cameras. Please follow the video below to erase:
Specifically, we can see, seen with the naked eye, the male bluebird will jump when placed next to his partner, mouth a straw for nesting and singing.
However, when seen with a slow-motion camera, the scientists found that they not only jumped, but the male bluebird also performed up to 3 tap-steps in the blink of an eye at high speed. that the naked eye cannot see.
Analysis diagram of each cypress tap dance step, the time it takes for them to perform 3 jumps is only 65 ms
The researchers also said that the performance of the cypress will demonstrate its physical strength to its partner, if the bird can dance for several minutes, it proves that it is healthy.
Specifically, the bluebird is very loyal, they often live together as husband and wife, women and men can join in the dance to attract the attention of the opponent.


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