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Wilson bird of paradise – the most beautiful bird in the world

Bird of Paradise Wilson in Indonesia is known as the most beautiful bird in the world with impressive colorful feathers.

The most beautiful bird of paradise in the world

Belonging to the Paradisaeidae family, the Wilson bird of paradise (Cicinnurus respublica) lives on the islands of Waigeo and Batanta off West Papua, Indonesia. This bird has an unmistakable shape with eye-catching feathers of crimson, yellow, green and navy blue.

In particular, the turquoise crown of the bird of paradise Wilson has no feathers but a fold of bare skin. With its two coiled long tail feathers, it plays an important role in helping the male to attract mates.

Like many other birds of paradise, only males possess a brilliant appearance. Females have light brown fur with a dark green crown.

To attract the attention of the female, the male cleans any leaves or debris to create an arena on the forest floor. In the middle of the flat field, he played casually from branch to branch, bending his body in many positions, spreading his iridescent feathers and singing. Not only did he shake his head, raise his neck, raise his tail, sometimes the male also opened his mouth wide in front of the female to convince his partner.

Wilson’s bird of paradise was discovered in 1850, but it wasn’t until almost 150 years later that his confession dance was recorded in the wild by famous naturalist David Attenborough.

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