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Will the Earth not be threatened in the coming decades?

The US Space Agency (NASA) said on September 29 that the number of large asteroids passing close to Earth, especially medium-sized asteroids, is capable of destroying an entire large population, has decreased, and the likelihood of ‘a major collision between these latter asteroids with Earth is very low.

These estimates are the result of the most accurate statistics of objects orbiting the Sun, less than 195 million kilometers from the planet and relatively close to Earth’s orbit.

According to Mr. Tim Spahr, director of the “Asteroid Center” of the Center for Astrophysics at Harvard University (USA), “the risk of a very large asteroid hitting the Earth before we detect it and alarms about this collision , have been significantly reduced. “

Currently, NASA has detected 93% of the 3,300 largest asteroids (with a diameter of at least 1 km) near Earth, and the number of asteroids as large as a small mountain has increased from 1,000 to 981 asteroids, of which 911 were discovered.

Meanwhile, the number of medium-sized asteroids also dropped from 35,000 to 19,500.

According to NASA, new observations from the WISE telescope have shown that no objects will threaten Earth for decades to come.

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