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Why rock bunnies who like to live nearby?

Scientists at the University of Haifa have found that the phenomenon of rock rabbits (Hyrax) that like to climb near residential areas is caused by man-made rubble of bricks and stones.

The Israel Hyrax, also known as the rock rabbit, often burrows in rocky mountains, resembles a rodent, but belongs to the group of mammals like elephants, sea cows …

They no longer dig in the rocky mountains, but move to residential areas in Galilee, destroying crops, eating whatever they find and even spreading skin diseases to their children. people. Rock rabbits are a cause for concern among the population.

To explain this phenomenon, the researchers observed and mounted a rock rabbit motion tracker.

The results showed that the dilapidated stone brick piles with holes were very attractive to stone rabbits making caves. Rock rabbits love to lie in the sun near the entrance to the cave. These ruins create ideal conditions for them.

“We say it was the rubble that attracted the rock rabbits, not the people’s gardens,” said Arik Kershenbaum, senior researcher.

Research shows that it is not necessary to destroy the rock rabbits, just fill the caves, the holes in the pile of rubble and bricks, they will automatically return to the rock cave.

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