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Why do pandas like to hear love songs when having “sex”?

Chinese and American scientists have just published interesting results from a study on the mating rituals of pandas today and the results are extraordinary and very romantic.

Research, conducted over two years, has found that giant pandas mate better and can only mate when their partner sings a love song to them before sex.

These love songs are even whispered in the sweet ears of the panda during sex, which is extremely romantic.

The study investigated 23 adult pandas during the 2016 and 2018 breeding seasons in Sichuan, China. Subsequently, the scientists’ results were published in the Royal Society’s Open Science journal.

Scientists have focused on mature bears in need of mating. They zoned them into the fence and “introduced” their companions and made observations from a distance.

The recordings described in the study are “beeping, chirping, moaning, barking and roaring”. There were times when the recorded sound showed the copulation was about to turn violent and could leave one of the raccoons with serious injuries or even death.

With the results obtained, the study recommends that caregivers be trained to recognize the different voice types of their pandas in order to predict whether their mating is successful or likely to fail. At the same time, it is a valuable reference tool for panda breeding programs.

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