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White haired mutant lions at Peru zoo

The white fur makes it difficult for young lions to live in the wild as they are easily detected by hunters and prey.

Yesterday, two mutated lions with a rare white fur color were presented for the first time at the Huachipa Zoo in the Peruvian capital Lima, according to AFP. They were brought from Mexico for conservation and scientific research.

The pair of lions, made up of a 5 month old male and a 4 month old female, are in very good health. They weigh around 50 kg, eat 5 kg of meat per day and soon show a wild nature from an early age.

According to veterinarian Celia Diaz, the unusual color of the couple’s white fur is not the result of albinism, but is caused by a genetic variation also found in white tigers. Their striking coat color makes it difficult to camouflage when hunting and attracts the attention of hunters, so it is difficult to survive in the wild. “White lions are very rare and are threatened with extinction,” Celia said.

The Huachipa Zoo traded Humboldt penguins to bring back the pair of lions from Mexico. Besides research and conservation, the appearance of the white lion at the zoo will help educate visitors about the protection of rare wildlife.

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