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What to eat to stop getting drunk?

Longan, lychee and onion are taboo foods for drunk people, so what should we eat to cool the body fast?

Master Dr Hoang Khanh Toan, Head of Oriental Medicine Department – 108 Military Central Hospital, said that drunkenness is an acute poisoning condition caused by excessive alcohol consumption.

Under the influence of alcohol, the cortex is inhibited resulting in behavioral disturbances, incontinence, a heavy head, blurred vision, blind vomiting and blind vomiting. Some people have cold skin, rapid breathing, even leading to serious conditions due to brain hemorrhage, heart attack, and dangerous traffic accidents.

Falling into this worrying state, according to the concept of traditional medicine, the intoxicated person should eat things that have a cooling effect, only thirst for phlegm for the purpose of drinking alcohol and preventing them. unexpected events. want to.

Pear: Fresh and sweet taste, has the effect of dissipating heat and regenerating phlegm. A drunken person who eats a lot of pears will help to quickly experience the sensation of a dry mouth, thirst and a hot chest.

Apples: fresh, sweet, with the use of new except for trouble, just thirsty for alcohol. For the best alcoholic solution, eat fresh apples or drink juice.

Orange: Freshness, sweet and sour taste, it is used to quench thirst, to drink diuretic alcohol. Oranges have the ability to remove toxic heat from the digestive tract, refreshments, diuretics, and alcohol.

Some fruits are very effective at deodorizing.

Canarium: It is used to remove, gum and rejuvenate alcohol. While intoxicated, use 10 fresh toppings, remove seeds, sharpen drinking water.

Buddha: Ancient people said that Buddha is an aromatherapy drug, stimulating digestion, excluding phlegm, eliminating vomiting and alcohol. When drunk, use 12-15g of fresh Buddha (or 6g dry) to boil with boiling water, drink instead of tea.

Banana chili: cold, sweet, uses heat, laxative, thirst, and alcohol.

Kumquat: Has the function of lowering gas, cooling the chest, quenching alcohol, except impurities, if you use kumquat skin, the better.

Lemon: fresh, sour, also useful for alcohol. It is necessary to take lemon mixed with sugar and press it into a cake, once drunk, cut a few pieces in a cup of boiling water, slow down to drink because the lemon has the function of “goodness of pepper, flat air, neutralization , aperitif, soundproofing, balm. decoction “.

Sugarcane juice: The cold and sweet taste has the effect of regenerating the heat and making the alcohol benefit. However, when drunk, we should use fresh cane juice, not refined sugar cane sugar because the sugar is hot, if used more, it can build up heat.

Radish: Treat acid swallowing, stagnation, alcoholic solution, blood stasis is very effective. When drunk, eat fresh radish or squeeze it for drinking.

Tuber: Cool, sweet, used to create new thirst, to drink alcohol. Should use jicama juice to drink daily to cure chronic alcohol poisoning.

Tea: Tea can detoxify alcohol and food, refresh your mind and spirit. Modern research shows that the theine in tea leaves is used to improve the detoxifying function of liver cells, helping the body to rapidly excrete alcohol through the urine.

Honey: The Royal Chemical Association of the UK says the fructose in honey helps the body break down into harmless byproducts and relieves headaches, especially headaches caused by drinking wine.

 Ăn nho trước khi uống rượu sẽ giúp bạn tránh bị say rượu.Eating grapes before drinking will help keep you from getting drunk.

Grapes: Purple and green grapes contain tartaric acid. When combined with ethanol in alcohol, tartaric acid forms esters which help induce vomiting and relieve alcohol. Eating grapes before drinking will help keep you from getting drunk.

Tomato juice: After drinking, the body loses a certain amount of sugar in the blood, causing fatigue and dizziness as blood sugar is the source of energy to maintain brain activity. To avoid this, drink a cup of tomato juice for fructose. Lycopene pigment in tomatoes also has an effective anti-inflammatory effect.

Coconut water is a drink that is low in sugar, low in calories but high in electrolytes, minerals, antioxidants and adequate nutritional content, thus providing many benefits. This sugary drink has a diuretic effect, causing us to go to the toilet more, gradually removing alcohol and beer from the body. What’s more, coconut water also helps the body to rehydrate, preventing dehydration caused by alcoholic drinks.

Ginger: Ginger is commonly used in many Vietnamese dishes. Besides, they also have many uses such as stomach pain relief, motion sickness prevention, relaxation. In addition, ginger has warm properties to help blood vessels flow easily, so alcohol is dissolved effectively, alcohol dissolves quickly. How to use ginger is also very simple, you prepare a fresh, sliced ​​ginger root, boiled with water for about 10 minutes to drink. To improve this drink, we can add a little honey.

Ginger has warm properties to help blood vessels flow easily, so alcohol is dissolved effectively, alcohol dissolves quickly.

Green beans: Dr Kieu Nga, head of the examination department of the Binh Duong Province Traditional Medicine Hospital, said that green beans have a sweet taste, a little cold, and fresh properties. The pod of green peas has a sweet taste, fresh and non-toxic properties. Green beans are known for their calming and detoxifying effects, so they can help effectively detoxify alcohol. There are many ways to process green beans to make alcohol, you can cook green bean porridge or mix with green bean juice to drink. Cook green bean porridge, eat a few bowls to help sweat This porridge is not only good for digestion, but also helps the drunk person to fight the unpleasant, tired after drinking.

Tapioca: Tapioca is a drink that a lot of people love. According to Russian doctors, it is the starch from the cassava root, sweet, fresh, medium, which enters the menstrual cycle, taste, waste, bladder. Tapioca is a drink with many health effects such as heat, new fluid, except heat, defecation, perspiration, detox. In particular, tapioca is very good for alcohol if you know how to use it correctly. You can mix tapioca flour with lemon and sugar. We put 200 ml of water in a glass, then add the tapioca powder and stir until dissolved, add sugar to taste.

Eggs: The protein sources (protein) in eggs can prevent side effects during the body’s metabolism of alcohol. In addition to its delicious taste and variety of recipes, eggs are also rich in cysteine, thus restoring the level of glutathione in the body and improving the hangover feeling after drinking alcohol.

Spinach (spinach) is a food rich in folic acid, vitamin K and chlorophyll, thereby speeding up the metabolism, restoring the level of nutrition in the body after consuming alcoholic beverages.

Yến mạchOats help the body to reduce hangover symptoms, stabilize blood sugar …

Oats are a complex starch, high in fiber and rich in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. Thus, oats help the body to reduce hangover symptoms, stabilize blood sugar levels by providing slow absorption of sugar, thus improving the feeling of fatigue.

Nuts such as almonds, walnuts, and cashews are rich in magnesium, helping the body to balance blood components, thus avoiding unpleasant sensations after waking up.

Notes on alcohol solution

Absolutely do not use yogurt to relieve alcohol, as the ingredients in yogurt cause stomach irritation, leading to diarrhea. Instead of yogurt, you can treat alcohol with fresh milk. Drinking fresh milk about 30 minutes before drinking alcohol will form a protective film in the lining of the stomach.

In addition, strong tea is also not suitable for drinking alcohol. The combination of tea and alcohol puts pressure on the heart, possibly causing heart rhythm disturbances or even heart failure. It also interferes with the metabolism of alcohol and is harmful to the kidneys.

In addition, to solve the folk experience, you also use vegetables such as watermelon, cucumber, melon, green bean soup, vegetables, fresh lotus, coffee … Drunk people should not eat lychee. , apple, longan, bell pepper, onion, garlic, cinnamon, chili, ginseng, ginseng and royal ginseng.

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