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Weird sort of confession of a blue-crowned pigeon

The green-crowned pigeon Guora Cristata is a rare breed of bird that is currently protected by many countries. This bird has a very fancy appearance which makes them very expensive. Guora Cristata birds are often used as decoration for houses, gardens, bars, …

Surprise with the unique confession style of the Green Crowned Dove

In the wild, green-hat pigeons often live in tropical forests, adults have a body about 77 cm long, weighing about 1.3 kg. These splendid pigeons are mainly found in New Guinea and several surrounding islands.

Sparrows, chickens look very similar and are very beautiful. The hairs on their heads are fan-shaped, green in color. The edge around the eyes is dark green, the eyes are red, the beak is black, the wings have white markings, the middle of the back is a brown stripe, the legs are greyish, the feet are reddish, the legs are long and strong.

Blue-crowned pigeons like to live in wet, swampy areas or in flooded areas. They are birds, but most of the day they like to walk underground. The main food is fruit and seeds. They only jump in the trees or fly in the thicket in case of danger. At night, they sleep on tall trees.

Kiểu tỏ tình lạ đời của Bồ câu mũ miện xanh

Guora Cristata pigeons either live alone or congregate in swarms of 2-10 members, but sometimes they also form larger swarms around waterholes.

While flirting, men often scream out loud and have some weird sort of confession. The male “bows his head” in front of the female, and at the same time opens part of her wings. The males dance on the ground, while the female runs around the male.

Kiểu tỏ tình lạ đời của Bồ câu mũ miện xanh

At first, the male, in search of objects that could serve as a nest, is brought to the female. After that, the two children went together to find some nesting material to give to each other – It was so loving! The nest of the green-crowned dove consists of a tree and is found on a tree, 4-15 m from the ground.

Each litter of female pigeons lays 1 egg. Male and female take turns incubating for 30-39 days and feed the chicks a special liquid called bird’s milk. The milk comes from special sachets located in the neck of the parents. The chicks insert their beaks into the parents’ necks, allowing milk to flow from there into the baby’s mouth.

Kiểu tỏ tình lạ đời của Bồ câu mũ miện xanh

As the baby bird ages, the seeds and fruits are added to the baby bird’s food by the parents. Young children can fly around the age of 30 days. However, the parent will continue to keep it for many weeks.

Currently, blue-crowned pigeons have disappeared from areas near towns and villages in New Guinea. Although protected by law, they are still hunted by the people because they have beautiful feathers with a unique crest and also for another reason: the meat is too delicious. Since the mid-1850s, blue-crowned pigeons have been successfully bred in captivity.

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