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Weasel riding birds in flight

Many of you will certainly be surprised to see the moment when 1-0-2 weasels overlap this peak.

Amateur photographer Martin Le May lives in East London recently captured a magical moment: a weasel riding a green woodpecker in Esssex (UK).
Many of us imagine this to be a magical story of a beautiful friendship having a wonderful adventure together. And the little mink dreams of flying in the air, on his marvelous “steed”.
But it’s actually a photo of a weasel fighting a woodpecker. Mr. Le May described to BuzzFeed that it is an image depicting the “war in the life”.
LeMay said he enjoys walking with his wife in Hornchurch National Park in east London in the hopes of seeing a green woodpecker. And luckily he and his wife discovered this little bird after hearing birds chirping behind some small birch trees.
“We both lifted our binoculars together and saw the woodpecker jump as if walking on a warm surface. The bird’s wings are no longer green or yellow,” said LeMay. There is already a red dot on the top and I am not sure what is going on. ”
He added: “After I lifted the camera and took a few moments, zooming in closely, I realized there was a small mammal on the back of the little bird. He seemed to have detected the onset of the taste. As the guests were not invited, the birds left suddenly, out of our sight. lose the same layer of tall grass “.
Woodpeckers usually live in the forest and have a distinct life among species. When they find the perfect spot, woodpeckers can stay for their entire lives, refusing to leave. The woodpecker’s “nest” can be a decaying tree, which is also a hiding place for food – mainly insects from this little bird.
Meanwhile, the weasel is a cunning animal, quite intelligent and cunning but also quite “bloody war”. With a slender body, weasels can easily hunt prey in a cave and will fight to the end to win their prey.
However, weasels cannot fly, but can only “hover”. In the arms of weasels with skin membranes, when active, they will spread their arms wide apart, the skin membrane will expand to help them slide easily from the top to the ground. But when they want to start from scratch, they can only crawl and climb.

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