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Weasel rides flying birds – hottest animal photos from last week

Many of you will certainly be surprised to see the moment when 1-0-2 weasels straddle the back of this woodpecker.

Many of us imagine that this is a magical story of a beautiful friendship that embarks on an incredible adventure together. And the little weasel realizes her dream of flying once in the air, on her wonderful “flight”.

But it’s actually a photo of a weasel fighting a woodpecker. Mr. Le May described to BuzzFeed that it is an image depicting “the battle of a lifetime”.

LeMay said he enjoys walking with his wife in Hornchurch National Park in east London in the hopes of seeing a green woodpecker. And luckily, he and his wife discovered this little bird after hearing the bird chirping behind some small birch trees.

LeMay shared, “We both lifted the binoculars and saw the woodpecker jump as if it was walking on a hot surface. The wing part of the bird is no longer blue, yellow but it is not. is not. There is a red dot at the top and I don’t. I don’t know what’s going on. ”

He added: “After I raised the camera and captured a few moments, zooming in, I realized there was a small mammal on the small bird’s back. It seemed to detect the presence of the bird. Uninvited guests. , so the birds left at the same time, out of our sight. As soon as the woodpecker tried to fly high, the little weasel lost its balance and fell, disappearing. lost the same tall grass. ”

Woodpeckers often live in forests and lead an isolated life among members of the species. When the perfect spot is found, the woodpecker may stay there for the rest of its life, refusing to leave. The woodpecker’s “nest” can be a rotten tree, which is also a place to hide food – mainly insects for this little bird.

Meanwhile, the weasel is a cunning animal, quite intelligent and cunning, but also quite “suspicious”. With a slender body, the weasel can easily chase its prey into the burrow and will fight to the end in order to gain its prey.

However, ferrets cannot fly but can only “hover”. In the arms of the weasel there are webbed skins, when active they will spread the arms apart, the membranes will open to help them slide easily from the top to the ground. But when they want to start from scratch, they can only crawl and climb.

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