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Volcano in Indonesia erupts magnificent blue lava

The Kawah Ljen volcano in Indonesia is one of the most special mountains in the world because it erupts electric blue lava. It is known that this place has attracted many tourists and professional photographers to visit

The Kawah Ljen volcano, in an appearance of ghostly beauty, has been captured by numerous targets. Olivier Grunewald, a photographer in Paris who has been capturing breathtaking images of the Kawah Ljen volcano for many years, explains that blue light is not lava but the light produced when sulfuric gas from the tracks cracked upon contact with ‘an oxygen-rich atmosphere, resulting in a blue flame.

Additionally, liquid sulfur flows from cracks in the mountainside, making viewers imagine lava flows flowing. The best time to observe this phenomenon is at night or after sunset.

Indonesia is also the country with the largest volcanic lake in the world containing a lot of hydrochloric acid. The gases from the volcano often react with the lake water and lower the pH to 0.5. As the gases cool, they will leave deposits of sulfur on the surface of the lake.

Núi lửa ở Indonesia phun trào dung nham xanh tuyệt đẹp - Ảnh 2.

Due to the global impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, tourists may not know when to come and admire this magical beauty, but the Indonesian volcano is still listed as one of the most anticipated destinations in the world.

If you plan to visit this unique site, be sure to bring a respirator as well as eye protection, as the gas here can affect your vision and breathing.

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