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Why do people never ride a zebra?

In almost all documents or movies, books, we only see humans riding colorful horses but never zebras.

In the history of human evolution, it would be a mistake not to mention the animals that we have domesticated. These can be cows, goats, sheep and of course dogs and cats. Humans have tamed many animals to meet their needs for food, for keeping warm … the common characteristic of these species is the “easy to talk”, easy to breed, with nutritional value. Or used large and almost non-carnivorous like tigers, leopards, …

With the above criteria, zebras meet most of them when they are herbivores and also offer great nutritional value and utility. But the most important point is the ‘easy to talk’ part that this species doesn’t have.

They are animals with very high wild instincts, fierce temperaments, difficult to tame. In fact, humans have tried to tame zebras, but they are often difficult to talk to or attack other species, sometimes biting humans without spitting them out.

So in the end, we are forced to release them back into the wild and let go of the intention of taming this stubborn “stubborn” creature.

Lack of family structure

In addition to the dangerous characteristics above, there is another point that makes this species difficult to puree as it does not have a hierarchical lifestyle or naturally lacks family structure.

What is the family structure? That is, each herd of horses usually has 1 male head, followed by 6-7 females and their young. Any animal knows its position well, so if we can tame the dominant male we will have a whole new pack of horses.

But unlike common horse species, zebras usually live in groups but do not have such a hierarchy. This leads to difficulty in taming, feeding and wasting more time for us.

And the fierce and difficult temperament and the lack of a clear family structure are two main reasons why we cannot tame and not ride a zebra.

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