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Top 18 most beautiful birds in the world

Bird of Paradise is found in New Guinea and the surrounding islands. Two other species of paradisiacal birds called “manucodes” and “riflebirds” grow in Australia. Most birds of paradise live in tropical forests (including rainforest, swamps, and moss forests). Several species inhabit coastal mangroves.

The brightly colored feathers are the reason why birds of paradise have become a prime target for hunters, which has led to the extinction of some of the birds of paradise. The native tribes of New Guinea often use the feathers of paradise birds in their costumes and rituals.

Over the centuries, the feathers of the bird are also commonly used in Europe as jewelry for women. It killed a lot of birds of paradise. At the same time, deforestation has destroyed the habitats of birds, leading to the fact that this bird is on the list of needs to be protected in many countries.

The birds of paradise have a unique dance that displays their unique looks. This dance of male birds not only helps them to attract the attention of the female bird but also prevents people nearby from looking away from this interesting bird.

The other thing is that the male bird spends most of its life attracting mates. Birds of paradise build their nests from soft materials, such as leaves, ferns, and vines. This bird has a habit of often placing nests in tree holes.

The number of eggs laid by the bird of paradise varies with the size of each species. Larger species usually lay only one egg, but smaller species can lay 2-3 eggs per litter. The eggs hatch after 16 to 22 days. After that, the baby bird will leave the nest for 16-30 days.

The golden pheasant is famous for its brightly colored feathers. They have a nice yellow tinged with red. Their lower part is bright red. The yellow pheasant is yellow on the top of its head and on its back is green. they are also dark in color, with red shoulder hair and a long, light brown tail.

Female yellow pheasants are more colorful than males. Their tail feathers also have prominent black markings. Unlike male golden pheasants, females have pale brown speckled feathers.

Yellow pheasants live in the dense forests and woodlands of China. Male yellow pheasants are longer than the female. Adult male golden pheasants are usually up to 127 cm long. Interestingly, the tails make up 2 thirds of the total body length.

Golden pheasants rarely fly and spend most of their time on the ground. They feed mainly on fruits, seeds and insects.

Chim trĩ vàng


The flamingos are perhaps the most recognizable bird in the world. The amazing red-purple look of the colorful feathers makes them special among birds. There are 6 different species of flamingos in the world. They live on all continents except Antarctica.

Adult flamingos will grow from 1.3m to 1.5m and weigh up to 3.6kg. Their necks are very long and their thick beaks are arched. The legs of the flamingo are also very long, 70 to 120 cm. The long legs and beak are particularly well suited for catching small fish, larvae and mud plankton.

Flamingos live in large flocks made up of thousands of members. They stand out in red and purple due to the food. Their diet consists mainly of brine shrimp, plankton and green-green algae. Flamingos also spend hours on their plumage from special glands that use the plumage to help keep the plumage in good condition.

There will be no list of the most beautiful birds without flamingos. This exotic pink bird is found in the southern and western hemispheres. They are very good at balancing. They can stand on one leg for hours at a time.

Chim Hồng Hạc

Blue jays

The Serrated Raven is one of the smartest and most beautiful birds in the world. They are found in the forests of eastern and northwestern America. The beautiful blue jag raven with blue, white and black feathers. To distinguish songbirds is the loud call “Crow-jays”.

They can also imitate the songs of other birds. Aside from her striking appearance, Raven is famous for her intelligence. They can steal young birds and the eggs of other birds. Crows also mimic the songs of hawks to deceive other birds.

They sometimes imitate the sound of falcons to deceive other birds. The captive crow leper can also mimic the voices of humans and other pets. Blue lepers are birds that live in small groups. But when they migrate south in winter, they form large herds with hundreds of Gaysa.

Their behavior remains a mystery among scientists. Not all rags move in winter, some of them remain in their natural range. In addition, the rag moves every year.

Quạ giẻ cùi lam

The Toucan bird (keel-billed toucan)

The Boat Toucan is one of the most surprisingly pecking birds in the world. They have a large, colorful beak up to 8 inches long. They are also known to stretch the rainbow beak due to the colorful beak. Their bills are a mixture of green, red and yellow.

Although they look heavy, their beaks are hollow and light. It is made up of a protein called keratin. They use their large, colorful bill to attract offspring during the breeding season and as a weapon of defense.

The beaks live in the forests of Central and South America. They are 20 cm long and weigh up to 4 kg. Their fur is predominantly black with a yellow throat and chest. Due to their heavy wings, they can only move between branches by jumping.

They are very sociable birds. A small flock has about 30 birds. They live in natural tree holes or niches created by woodpeckers. Their diet consists mainly of insects, lizards and eggs.

The most important feature of this bird is its large, colorful beak that can grow up to 20 cm long. Their bills are a mixture of green, red and yellow. They use their large, colorful bill to attract females during the breeding season as well as a weapon of defense against enemies.

Chim Toucan mỏ thuyền

Crest of Fire (Hello Cardinal Cardinal)

Surely you know why this bird is called the cardinal? The bird has bright red wings, even a red hat, and a small body about 21-23 cm in length. They have a masked front, a black masked man, a gray masked woman.

The Cardinals are distributed across southern Canada, the eastern United States, from Maine to Texas and south to Mexico. In Vietnam, this magnificent bird is often sought after by many people as a Tet gift because of its bright red feathers symbolizing New Year’s luck.

Cardinals live in forests, flower gardens, shrubs and swamps. The cardinal’s food consists of nuts, fruits and insects.

Chim hồng y giáo chủ

Public (Pavo)


The peacock is actually the name of the male bird in the family of male peacocks. There are three types of advertising in the world: India, Congo, and Cong Java. The Indian peacock is the most common species in the world. The peacock (male) is famous for its colorful spectacle with iridescent tail feathers.

Peacocks can be up to 1.5m long, making them one of the largest flying birds in the world. In fact, a peacock’s tail is 60% of its total length. The unique coloring of the peacock’s tail feathers is perhaps the most beautiful flirt of any other bird in the world.

Flirting with it, the peacock exposes its huge tail with fur to reveal colorful tails and eye spots. Some peacocks have long tails and more eye spots than others. The female peacock chooses a peacock with a longer tail and more eye spots. Depending on the angle of reflection of light, the color of the peacock’s tail feathers is different.

The peacock is certainly one of the brightest fur species bestowed by nature’s “mother”. They belong to the pheasant family and are made available primarily by the remarkable tail feathers which, when unfolded, resemble their thousands of wide open eyes.

Chim công

Red-tailed parrot (pink parrot)

The red-tailed parrot is one of the most beautiful and largest birds in the parrot family. They live in humid green forests throughout Central and South America. The plumage is colorful, which makes the Red-tailed Parakeet very special. They have bright red fur with blue coloring. Their wings are yellow and the tongue is green.

The strongly curved red-tailed parakeet is a notable feature of the parakeets. Their upperparts are white and the upperparts are black. An adult red-tailed parrot is 80 to 90 cm long and weighs up to 1.5 kg. They are excellent birds and can reach speeds of 35 mph.

Macaws also live a long time. They have a lifespan of 40 to 50 years. They are believed to be good captive parrots that can live up to 75 years. Macaws are also one of the smartest birds in the world. In captivity, they will easily learn words, sounds and tricks.

They are said to be well-trained parrots able to distinguish even colors and shapes. Red-tailed macaws are very large. They mimic different types of squeaking and squealing voices. The main foods they eat are nuts, fruits, and insects. With its sturdy, curved bill, macaws can easily break down any type of grain.

Vẹt đỏ đuôi dài

Bohemian waxwing

The goldfish (also known as the Bohemian waxwing bird) lives in the forests of northern North America and Eurasia, mainly in Canada and Alaska. Bohemian Waxwing is one of the most beautiful species of sparrows in the world.

They sing, of medium height, with a distinctive crest and black mask. They have an overall gray-brown color and have a white and gold trim. In winter, they move in large groups to the northwestern part of the United States. They nest on a tree branch. Both males and females are known to squeak. They feed mainly on insects and berries.

This bird does not have a bright color like other birds. But their glamorous elegance is also what sets them apart. They have sleek, medium-sized brown-purple fur with a distinctive black crest and mask.

Chim Kim tước (hay còn gọi là chim Bohemian Waxwing)


This beautiful little bird is the Anna Hummingbird. It’s no bigger than a ping-pong ball. It’s quite common on the west coast of the United States.

This species was named after the Duchess of Rivoli – Anna Massena – wife of a famous 19th century bird collector, and a French naturalist – René Primevere Lesson named the bird in her honor. .

Hummingbirds (also called bees) are a family of small birds living in North America with very small sizes (up to 15 cm). They have iridescent colored feathers and especially the beautiful long tail feathers, very similar to the birds of the sky.

In flight, they can remain motionless with a span frequency of up to 70 times / second. Hummingbirds typically fly at a speed of around 50 km / h, and they are also the only bird on the planet that can fly backwards. Their food is mainly nectar.

Hummingbirds are so beautiful and adorable, but they are on the verge of human extinction causing their habitat to change.

Chim ruồi Anna

Wild birds

The lovebird is in fact only a migratory bird, belonging to the family of mallards. They still have a couple and this image is compared to happy couples. The male is more beautiful than the female, the plumage is multicolored, in harmony from one color to another, the eyes are red. The female is not as showy as the male, and her eyes and neck ring are white.

The bullfinch is a closely related relative of the Carolina duck in North America. Not only famous for its beauty, but also an exemplary example of fidelity in the world of birds.

The male (also known as the uyên) has a colorful coat that is hard to go wrong. It has a red bill, large white crescent-shaped hairs above the eyes, and a red face and “mustache”. The female (also known as the nursery) resembles the Carolina duck hen, with a white annular ring around the eye and a streak that starts behind the eye, but fades away, she has small white stripes on the sides and at the end. paler.

Chim Uyên Ương

Ramphastos Sulphuratus bird

The Ramphastos sulfuratus bird is one of the most wonderful special birds in the bird family. They have a very large and colorful bill, reaching up to 20 cm in length. Their beaks come in a variety of green, red and yellow colors.

They use this large, colorful bill to attract females during the breeding season and as a weapon of defense.

Ramphastos sulfuratus birds live in the forests of Central and South America. They are usually 8 inches long and weigh up to 4 kg. Their coat is predominantly black with a yellow throat and breast. Ramphastos sulfuratus birds can only move between branches by jumping.

The Ramphastos sulfuratus bird is a very sociable bird. They are usually formed in small herds containing up to 30 members. They live in one of two natural holes, or holes that woodpeckers make in the trunk. The Ramphastos sulfuratus bird feeds mainly on insects, lizards and eggs.

Chim Ramphastos sulfuratus

Atlantic puffin

The Atlantic gull is a small, well-adapted gull found on the coasts of North America and eastern Canada. The Atlantic seagull is also known as the “sea parrot” because of its many colors. Atlantic seagulls spend most of their life at sea.

Their water-resistant fur keeps their body warm while swimming. They flap their wings to swim above and underwater. Atlantic seagulls are also excellent at diving. They can dive up to 60 m. They usually hunt sandeel, eggs and hake.

The Atlantic Ocean also has excellent face down speed. They can reach speeds of 55 mph, flapping their wings up to 400 times per minute.

Ancient seagulls hold their babies in summer and spring on the islands of the North Atlantic. They build nests of feathers and grass in caves and on cliffs. Females lay only 1 egg and take 45 days to hatch. After hatching.

Mature Atlantic gull leaves the nest in search of food for the young. They carry small fish for the young. Atlantic seagulls can carry 10 to 30 fish in their giant beaks.

Hải âu cổ rụt Đại Tây Dương

The Quetzal (The Quetzal)

Found naturally in Central America. Not only impresses with its feathers, but also an omnivorous bird. They eat everything from lizards, insects, small creatures, and even fruit.

The seo tailed bird is one of the most beautiful birds in the world. These colorful birds live in the mountains and rainforests of Central America. Their main food is fruits, insects, lizards and other small creatures.

The seo-tailed was considered divine for the ancient Mayans and Aztecs, the aristocracy and the clergy often wore the feathers of the veils during great ceremonies.

Chim đuôi seo (The Quetzal)

Icterus galbula (Icterus galbula)

The birds are medium in size, with relatively strong, pointed beaks, and relatively short but sturdy toes and legs. Their fur color is very eye-catching with bright yellow, the coat is black on top and runs along both wings, sometimes mixed with a bit of dark gold to create their showy. This bird has a very good singing voice, is an omnivore with food mainly fruits, worms and honey.

The Northern Phoenix is a not very large bird with alternating black and yellow feathers, weighing only 34g and 18cm in length. As one of the brightly colored birds, the majesty is not only beautiful but also very beautiful. For this reason, people often use the expression “golden-voiced rabbit” to refer to a woman.

Hoàng oanh phương Bắc ( Icterus galbula)

Purple-tailed parakeet

The Purplish Parakeet has a body covered in pure blue fur, is fearless, straightforward, and extremely intelligent. This parrot has always been in the spotlight! They are touted as vibrant, lively, and extremely likable parrots. They can live up to 50 years. Whatever they like to do, they are married and very loyal.

The purple parakeet is very benign in nature and rarely agitated. They are quite curious and are not afraid of strange things, although this habit can get them in trouble. These characteristics make people keep them as pets.

With an impressive length of 100 cm, the Purple-tailed Parakeet is the largest of all parrot species in the world. They mainly live in the semi-grassy and steppe areas of northern Brazil.

The species has declined sharply in recent years, with just under 5,000 purple-tailed macaws worldwide. Habitat loss and hunting are the main threat causing parrot loss.

In addition to its large size, the Purple-tailed Parakeet is famous for its impressive blue feathers, bright yellow rings around the eyes. Due to this beautiful color, the purple parakeet is also called a “blue parrot”.

Purple-tailed macaws can be excellent pets with proper training. You also need to give them plenty of space to make them comfortable.

They are playful and aren’t as good at mimicking words as some other parrots. You have to be careful with the purple tailed parakeet. There can be no guarantee that they will not bite you as soon as you deal with them and practice.

Loài vẹt đuôi dài lam tía

Swallow the queen

The king swallow, scientific name Pharomachrus mocinno, is a species of bird in the Trogonidae family. The Queen is the national flag of Guatemala, and she also appears on the country’s coat of arms and national flag.

Besides Guatemala, queen food is also distributed in other Central American countries. Worthy of the name of its queen, this bird has extremely colorful feathers with a long “noble” tail.

Sea parrot birds

Seabirds are small, well-adapted birds found on the north coast of the United States and in eastern Canada. They are also known as sea parrots because of their large, colorful, penguin-like beaks. They spend most of their life at sea. The water resistant coat keeps their body warm while swimming. They flap their wings to swim and dive.

Parrots are also excellent at diving. They can dive up to 60m deep. They usually hunt small eels, small scale mullet and meluc fish. They can reach speeds of 55 miles per hour and flap their wings 400 times per minute.

Sea parrots breed every summer and spring in the North Atlantic. They build nests of feathers and grass in caves on the cliffs. The female lays only one egg and puts 45 of them to hatch. Once hatched, the adult sea parrot leaves the nest to find food for the baby. They bring small fish for their babies. They can carry 10 to 30 fish in their giant beaks.

Chim vẹt biển

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