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Top 10 largest species of crocodiles in the world

The Top 10 HQ just listed a list of the 10 largest crocodile species currently living around the Earth. The main of them is the saltwater crocodile with an average weight of about 450 kg and more than 4.5 m.

1. Saltwater crocodile

At present, saltwater crocodiles are not only the largest crocodile, but they are also the largest reptile in the world. Each adult of this species is known to have an average weight of about 450 kg and is about 4.5 m long. Even many documents have been recorded which, when discovered, individuals saltwater crocodile 6.7 m long and weigh 2000 kg. In 1945, this giant reptile rose to fame for killing “frightening” 400 Japanese soldiers as they moved through the mangroves of Ramree Island, Myanmar.

2. Nile crocodile

With an average length of around 4.2m and weighing up to 410kg, the adult Nile crocodile is the second largest crocodile species currently extant on Earth. Notably, although not as big as the “brother” of the saltwater crocodile, but the Nile crocodile is very fierce and is one of the most feared “murderers” in nature. Because, recent statistics have shown that each year, the Nile crocodiles carry out approximately 275 to 745 human attacks and 63% of them are fatal.

3. Orinoco crocodile

Currently, the Orinoco is one of the most endangered crocodile species in the world. Currently, they can only be found in some national parks in Colombia and Venezuela. With a body weight of around 380 kg and over 4 m, the adult Orinoco crocodile is the third largest existing crocodile on Earth.

4. Black Caiman crocodile

The adult black Caiman crocodile has an average length of around 3.9 m and weighs over 350 kg. This places them in the list of the 10 largest crocodile species in the world. The peculiarity of this giant reptile is that it often chooses dangerous animals like piranhas or small Anaconda python for food.

5. Central American crocodile

Although not the largest species, the Central American alligator is the most dangerous species in the crocodile “family”. Because, they can travel at speeds of nearly 17 km / h on the ground and more than 32 km / h under water. Moreover, with a body weight of around 335kg and a body length of over 4m, they easily turn people into delicious meals in an instant.

6. Indian crocodile

Despite a body length of over 4.5m, the Indian crocodile is only ranked 6th in the Top 10 of the largest crocodile species in the world, as it has a relatively modest body weight. It is known that an adult Indian crocodile weighs about 250 kg. Currently, this reptile is very threatened when only about 235 individuals live in the wild.

7. American short-nosed crocodile

The American Shortnose Crocodile is the only species native to the southeastern United States and is also the most bitten species in the animal kingdom (9,452 newtons). In addition, with an average weight of around 240 kg and over 3.4 meters, they are also on the list of the 10 largest crocodile species in the world.

8. Marsh crocodile

Marsh crocodile or Persian crocodile, scientific name Crocodylus palustris is a species of crocodile found in India and surrounding countries. It is known that each species of crocodile in adulthood has an average weight of about 225 kg and 3.3 m in length. However, in history have also recorded numerous discovered cases of swamp crocodile 5 m long, weighing about 450 kg.

9. Malayan crocodile

Malay crocodile or imitation of Indian crocodile is native to the rivers of Sumatra (Indonesia) and Malaysia. As adults, each Malayan crocodile weighs on average around 210 kg, or about 4 m in length.

10. Narrow-nosed crocodile

In the wild, an adult narrow-nosed crocodile is around 3.3 meters long and weighs over 205 kg. However, some perennial individuals can reach 4.2 m in length and weigh over 300 kg.

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