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Too desperate to be a teacher, the little girl took out two cats to teach, and the boss’s attitude drew attention

This child teacher has been admired by the online community for her standard teaching style.

Every child, as a child, nurtured his dreams of a career he thought he would pursue in the future, whether it was to be an engineer, doctor, pilot or police officer. Also many times to fulfill these wishes that we did not hesitate to transform into these characters.

A preschool-aged Spanish girl named Clarinha dreams of becoming a teacher. This is why she has the hobby of creating mock classes so that she can stand up in class. The peculiarity of her class is that the pupils, instead of playing with the teddy bears, for a more authentic interaction, the cats were “requisitioned” by Clarinha as their pupils.

The child teacher enthusiastically teaches his special students

During class this pretty girl taught art because she didn’t know letters. Clarinha was very enthusiastic about passing on what she understood to reluctant students. Surprisingly, the famous cats who were mean and hyperactive when sitting in this special class were surprisingly calm and serious. The cooperative spirit and attentive listening to the teachings of the two animals deserve the praise of Internet users.

Clarinha’s lesson shows that this girl really has the potential to become a good teacher in the future. Many testimonials leave admiration and enthusiasm for the video published for this child teacher:

I am a teacher, but I am not very enthusiastic. Hey girl, I hope to be taught by you once!

The beautiful little teacher, the adorable “students” too, are all very serious, what a compliment for an orderly class!

My cats will not stay more than 5 seconds if they are sitting there! Well done, little professor!

According to young intellectuals

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