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Tips for keeping tubers fresh after peeling and toning them

Fruits should always be kept fresh to retain their flavor and available vitamins, especially fruits after peeling. Many times you have peeled flowers but not used them and do not know how to store them which damages them and makes them unusable. At such times, the trick of keeping fruit fresh long after its peeling is really essential. Here are some tips for keeping fruit fresh long after peeling it.

Fresh fruits and vegetables to know
1. Apples

Mẹo giữ củ quả tươi sau khi đã gọt, bổ

To keep the apple fresh, put the peeled apples in a bowl. Mix 1 teaspoon of lemon juice in a glass of lukewarm water in a 1: 1 ratio. You can multiply the ratio by the amount of fruit you cut, making sure your lemonade mix covers the amount of fruit. to conserve. Pour the lemon juice mixture into the fruit bowl, let soak for about 5 minutes. Finally take out the apple, drain. This way you will keep the fresh color of the fruit for many hours.

2. Butter

Il est facile de garder un avocat coupé au frais, dès que vous coupez un avocat et que vous ne voulez pas tout manger, mettez-y quelques gouttes de citron.

3. Papaye

Mẹo giữ củ quả tươi sau khi đã gọt, bổ

Keep the papaya pieces fresh by wrapping them in food wrapping paper. Or in the case of horizontal slicing to eat each slice, you can turn your face to reveal the papaya meat on a plate and then refrigerate it.

4. Watermelon

Mẹo giữ củ quả tươi sau khi đã gọt, bổ

Peel, iron the pieces to taste and put them in closed plastic containers to keep them in the refrigerator. Have to cut the watermelon horizontally, where to eat, peel the skin to get there, the portion does not end as a way to do with papaya.

5. Pineapple (pineapple / pineapple)

Mẹo giữ củ quả tươi sau khi đã gọt, bổ

Pineapple chunks can be kept cool for several days if stored in a sealed plastic container.

6. Lemon

Mẹo giữ củ quả tươi sau khi đã gọt, bổ

After slicing the lemon, to keep the lemon fresh, put it in a shiny bag and tie it tight.

7. Potatoes, sweet potatoes

Mẹo giữ củ quả tươi sau khi đã gọt, bổ

These potatoes, when used for cooking soup, turn black, so the dish will lose its taste. If you soak the peeled potatoes in a bowl of salted water mixed with lemon or vinegar, the potato will no longer be bruised, ensuring that the dish is both delicious and beautiful.

8. Banana or green banana popcorn

Mẹo giữ củ quả tươi sau khi đã gọt, bổ

Store the cherries in a cool place.

1. The iron content of cherries is very high and also contains a large amount of cyanide. If you eat too much, it is easy to cause hydroxide and iron poisoning. Mild poisoning can be detoxified with cane juice, although it is a good fruit, it should be eaten sparingly, especially by not biting the cherries.
2. The shelf life of cherries is short, so avoid direct sunlight.
3. Cherries should only be eaten for about 3 days, being stored in the refrigerator should not wash with water, avoid spoiling, before eating the cherries should be washed.

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