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Learn more about the wind and how to deal with it when it is hit.

Wind is understood in the common sense in Vietnamese folklore, which means that the “poisonous wind” enters the body causing one or more symptoms such as fatigue, fever, headache, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and pain in the hands.

In popular opinion, only money can heal the wind. So, according to the concept of Western medicine, what is the wind? Let’s take a look at this.

The phenomenon of “gale force” which is often referred to by people in common sense is synonymous with cold in Western medicine, while Eastern medicine is called a group of “weather” diseases. The cause of the wind is due to one of the weather factors such as sun, wind, cold, frost, rain … which suddenly affects the body, causing cold air to enter the body through pores and sugar.

Winds are inevitable in life. However, when you are hit by the wind, if you know how to handle it, the body will come back healthy after a few days. On the contrary, if the disease progresses silently, it will affect other parts of the body.

However, nowadays many people still misunderstand the wind. Many people think that being hit by the wind is the flu. However, being struck by the wind is different from the flu. Because the flu is caused by a virus and is very contagious. Wind can be treated by taking cold medicine, taking more vitamin C to improve resistance.

People are more likely to be hit by the wind than others
The elderly.
Those who are treated …
When did the wind come?

When the weather is sunny, windy, cold, frosty, rainy … (the body cannot adapt in time so it gets sick).
When the weather changes irregularly, from hot to cold, from cold to hot …
When spring is delivered (spring to summer, autumn to winter …).
Symptoms of being hit by the wind
Sensation of chills in the neck, spine, arms and legs.
Headache, dizziness, runny nose, vomiting.
Abdominal pain, diarrhea.
The serious condition can be comatose, spastic limbs …

The wind which is not managed in time will leave weak aftereffects, a weak numbness, a loss of resistance …

How to deal with the wind
In western medicine
When the patient is hit by the wind, doctors usually prescribe cold medicine (paracetamol, paradol ..).
Also supplement vitamin C to improve body resistance.
In oriental medicine
Drink ginger tea, drink crushed fresh ginger juice (to warm the body).
Warm the soles of the feet.
For people who are unconscious, it is necessary to work on the center of the center (located just below the base of the nose) at the level of the upper third of the canal to help the patient to wake up.
Place the patient’s head lower than the legs (to increase the amount of blood feeding the brain), tilt the head to one side (avoid dropping the tongue or inhaling vomit into the lungs), cover it warm blankets, avoid drafts.
Smell the essential oils, rub the oil into the central acupuncture point …
When the patient is fully awake, he can eat porridge with onion and perilla to warm the body.

Note: In the event that the patient does not regain consciousness, it is necessary to immediately bring him to a medical facility for treatment.


Winds often arise when the weather changes, the seasons change … For those who are treated, the elderly and children, due to their low resistance, are often hit by the wind than other normal people.

So, to limit the gales, we need nutritional supplements to increase the resistance of the body. In cold weather, before going out on the street, you should wear a hat to cover your ears and a scarf to keep the wind from blowing in your ears and neck, keeping your feet warm. When sitting in an air-conditioned room, avoid the cold air from the back. Regularly move the shoulders, neck, neck to the bloodstream. Upon waking up, you need to lie on the bed for 5 minutes to fully wake up before getting out of bed … In addition, you need to strengthen the sport to increase the resistance of your body., Hand, sucking). However, do not use this method for people with high blood pressure, pregnant women …

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